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24 Hour Locksmith

Looking for a 24 hour locksmith?  No need to continue searching you have found the best 24 hour locksmith service provider.  All of our 24 hour locksmiths are licensed, insured, and bonded.

24 Hour Locksmith

Looking for a 24 hour locksmith?  No need to continue searching you have found the best 24 hour locksmith service provider.  All of our 24 hour locksmiths are licensed, insured, and bonded.

Speedy Service!

24 Hour Locksmiths

Your 24-Hour Locksmith

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We have locksmiths standing by!

Auto Locksmith

Sometimes you need an auto locksmith at the worst timing possible.  Most of the locksmith shops are closed and you need a mobile locksmith to unlock, or create a new car key, don’t worry!  Our 24 hour locksmiths are standing by to assist you with all of your auto locksmith services.  Do you need a car locksmith near me? Look no further!

Residential Locksmiths Available 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week!

Several things can go wrong with residential locks and keys.  Some of these things include unauthorized break-ins or vandalism such as broken or damaged locks.  Your key can break off in the lock which typically these incidents happens after dark which means finding a locksmith that is open can be difficult.

Maybe you are afraid that the person who tried to break in or damaged the lock or locks might come back.  Don’t fret we have 24 hour locksmiths ready to assist you in your time of need.

Whether you have a deadbolt, bottom doorknob, smart lock, and/or other emergency locksmith service needed.  The first step is finding someone who is available and will answer your call.  This sounds easy enough right?  Well start picking up that phone and call around after a few minutes you will start to see that it isn’t as easy as you thought.  In some areas it’s almost impossible to find someone that can assist you in the middle of the night.

Locked out of your house?  We have experienced 24 hour locksmith technicians that can quickly pick, unlock, and/or even rekey your lock on the spot.  No matter the locksmith emergency our techs are standing by to help assist you with your problem.  It may seem like there is no hope and some people choose to stay in a hotel because they can’t find a 24 hour locksmith, which is understandable, however, then you still have the cost of obtaining access to your home still.


24 hour locksmith services

24 Hour Locksmith At Your Service

Key Programming

Car Locksmith Service

24 Hour Locksmiths

24 Hour Locksmith Service

24 Hour Locksmiths Help Assist In Lockouts!

I love being locked out, said nobody ever!  What’s worse than getting locked out?  Well getting locked out of your car or home and not being able to find a locksmith that is open.  Our 24 hour locksmiths will help assist you with all of your lockout service needs.

Emergency Locksmith Service

You don’t realize how important a 24 hour locksmith service is until you can’t find one.  Voicemail after answering machine, ring after ring, just hoping this next one will answer.  If one does answer you hope they aren’t going to take advantage of the situation and overcharge you because they are the only 24 hour locksmith available.

Put all of these worries to bed, here at Car Key Duplication we provide 24 hour locksmith service at affordable rates, and all of our locksmiths are licensed, insured, and bonded.

When a locksmith emergency strikes be prepared to contact a reputable company, with our 24 hour locksmith accredited program we screen locksmiths for you!

How This Service Was Born

Being a victim of needing a 24 hour locksmith myself and being taken advantage of.  At this moment I knew I wanted to fight back and give the community a service that would help people without taking advantage of the situation.  I enrolled in a locksmith academy the very next day.  Became licensed, insured, and bonded.  Eventually opened several locksmith storefronts across the USA and the feedback was phenomenal which then sparked the idea of starting a locksmith accreditation to ensure nobody else falls victim to these scammers.  Also, help those who can’t find a 24 hour locksmith provider near them.

If you are searching for 24 hour locksmiths, please consider hiring a Car Key Duplication accredited locksmith provider.




What Services Do Your 24-Hour Locksmiths Provide?

Our 24-hour locksmith techs provide auto, residential, commercial, and car lockouts, as well as many other locksmith services.  Whether you have a key that broke off in your lock, damaged locks or keys, maybe you have lost all of your car keys.

Even if you aren’t locked out of your home, maybe you are locked out of an inner door like a bedroom, storage space, and/or bathroom.  We are here to help get you back in, remove that broken key, cut a new key, program a car key and so many other services.

One persons locksmith emergency isn’t the same as another.  This is because we all live different lives, one of us may work graveyards and others first thing in the morning but one thing we all share in common is time is important and if we can’t use our vehicle to get to work on time we are losing money.  This is one of the most common reasons people need a 24 hour locksmith.  Rest assured you can call one of our accredited locksmiths when a locksmith emergency may strike.  They can assist you with all of your lock & key needs and get you back in your home, on the road, and/or back to life.



24 hour locksmith service provider
your 24 hour locksmith

Let Car Key Duplication Open New Doors

When you think Car Key Duplication, you should think your 24 hour locksmith partner standing by to open new doors for you!  We all suffer set backs and struggle with things in life.  However, we don’t give up and will push forward even at 2 am in the morning.  Our 24 hour locksmiths will push hard to win and we will find a way and deal with it!  No matter what is required we will make it happen and give our all.

Our Locksmiths Are Passionate About What They Do

All of our 24 hour locksmiths are passionate and love what they do.  It’s much more than a job they don’t hate their jobs they love which to them it feels like they never work a day in their life!  This is important because anyone who has the mindset I have to get up at 1 am to go do something I hate vs doing something they love you will get much better customer service, technicians, and the job ultimately will be done better, it will last longer, and you as a customer will have a much better experience.

While being a locksmith may not be the career for everybody there are people that love this career and each new lock, every car key, and each situation is a challenge and is very rewarding being able to tackle the task at hand.  It’s also very rewarding to help others all while doing what you love to do.

When that phone rings at 5 am and you just laid your head down to your pillow it can be tiring and some people may even feel like giving up.  Our 24 hour locksmith technicians are compassionate and understand you didn’t call because you didn’t want to wait a couple of hours but you actually are in an emergency situation.  They hop up and drive to you and help tackle the emergency locksmith situation at hand all with a smile on their face.

Way too many people in this world become victims of their own habits and some of them hurt their productivity while others thrive to push themselves further and choose a career they love.  When you love your career and that phone rings your heart and soul glows, knowing you are needed and that your job is important is reassuring that you made the right choice.  This is important to you because you will deal with some emergency locksmiths that answer and are annoyed, frustrated, and just plain negative.  When this happens it makes you feel like a burden and nobody needing a 24 hour locksmith should feel this way!

You should feel that the locksmith cares and is compassionate and willing to help, not annoyed, and frustrated!  Life is short and every situation good or bad should be viewed from a positive stand point!


Emergency Commercial Locksmith

When you need an emergency commercial locksmith it’s generally to get your business back to business.  Maybe your building lock has failed or an employee has lost their keys.  But from business owner to business owner we both know time is money.  Every minute you don’t have access to your business or an employee can’t do their job that is money lost.  This is why you need a 24 hour locksmith that you can trust and depend on.  Call one of our screened, licensed, insured, accredited, and bonded locksmith partners today!

Whether it’s an emergency exit push bar lock or just a regular commercial door lock.  Maybe you just need a master key duplicated and/or rekeyed.  No matter the situation we have techs who not only are willing to help!  They are happy to assist you and love their careers.

Just like your business and understanding time is money we are going to get our emergency locksmith to you as fast as possible because time is money for us too!  Getting you back in business is our #1 goal.  Your satisfaction is just as important but if we can’t get to you in time then customer satisfaction isn’t important at all.  This is because if you never make it on time to perform the service then you can have the best customer service in the world but is worthless if nobody knows it.

Maybe you have deadlines to get that emergency exit door fixed due to a code violation this is one of the reasons it’s important to have a 24 hour locksmith service provider you can depend on.  The last thing you want to do is have to close your doors over a broken emergency exit door.  I am not saying that an emergency exit isn’t important because it’s so important that it can literally shut down your business.  What’s important is being able to depend on a locksmith service provider to prevent these types of issues from being a problem to becoming a catastrophe.

Emergency Commercial Locksmith Service
flip key car locksmith near me

Old Lock, Broken, Faulty Lock Replacement

When it comes to old faulty, broken, or sticky locks you are probably looking into replacement it which is a good idea.  You might start thinking well I can probably replace the lock myself and you might be able to.  But do you really want several locks and keys to deal with?  Fumbling everyday to find the right key for your home?  It can be quite frustrating!  You might be better off calling one of our 24 hour locksmiths to replace the lock and rekey all of your locks so you have only one key to open them all.

This option is one of our most popular services because nobody likes fumbling for keys in the middle of the night or when you are holding groceries, a drink, a child in a car seat, and so many other situations.  Old locks aren’t just annoying they can actually put you and your property at risk of burglary, theft, or even vandalism.

Maybe, you are looking to upgrade your old key style lock with a new smart lock that you can control from your phone and let the cleaner inside your home remotely while you are at work.  The plumber needs access and you don’t want to lose money by taking work off to be home.  Your mother in law flew in from out of town and is sitting on your porch.  Smart locks are great solutions to these situations and also can save you money from being locked out in the future.  While you can still get locked out of a smart lock between the key code, app, and key option it becomes more rare.

If you have found yourself a victim of one of these situations then it might be time for a lock replacement.  With our Car Key Duplication Accredited Program we have screened, licensed, and insured 24 hour locksmiths ready to assist you with your lock replacement project today.

We are passionate of helping you, our locksmiths have gone out after a frustrated, inexperienced, or just lazy locksmith provider and fixed what they replaced.  Sometimes we find the previous tech didn’t take the time to ensure the door shut properly, latched right, or even lined up.  This will obviously become an issue either right away or a little while down the road.  Our techs take pride in their work and will ensure it’s done correctly and will last for a very very long time!  Call one of our Accredited Locksmith partners today!