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Acura Car Key Duplication: Remotes, Transponder Keys & More!

Are you searching for a reliable Acura key provider? Car Key Duplication has a very large Acura key inventory with great pricing structures. Our staff specializes in bringing all of our Acura customers only the highest quality of keys, remotes and push to starts for their vehicles at an affordable rate. If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our trained Acura key specialists. If you are not sure what kind of key you need for your vehicle, make sure to have the vehicle VIN handy and we will be able to find your key.


Would you like to talk to one of our locksmiths and ask questions or your concerns ?

Car Key duplication isn’t like most other online Acura key and remote suppliers. Our company staffs licensed locksmiths that can help you with any Acura key questions that may arise. 




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Acura Car Key Replacement

Use our customer friendly services to help find your Acura car key replacement to have a spare key in case of emergencies. You’ll find when using our online car key buying service, having your Acura car key duplicated has never been easier. Get shipped high quality keys and remotes quickly, all while saving money avoiding paying expensive prices else where.  

Car Key Duplication is a nationwide Acura Key Duplication specialist, focused on changing the industry standard for key duplication services. If you are needing someone to cut your Acura car key we provide an online key cutting service where we can cut your key and have it shipped to you ready for use. 

Acura Models That We Stock Keys for 

Here you can find a list of Acura Models that we stock Transponder Keys, Remotes, push to starts and even batteries and some accessories for as well.  We even carry a service key for a 2020 Acura RDX!

Acura ILX

Acura RLX

Acura RDX

Acura MDX

Acura TLX

Acura NSX

Acura Car Key Services

Acura Car Key Duplication

A lot of the times people will buy a new car and realize that they only received one key. Anyone who has ever lost their car keys before remembers the terrible experience they may have went through. The first thought process is to consider buying a key from the dealer. All though very possible, this generally isn’t the cheapest option to take but it does get the job done. However, using a trustworthy website like ours to buy a key for your vehicle a lot of the times our customers were able to save themselves quite a bit of money. 

Selecting the right key for your vehicle is crucial if you want the programming procedure to work or even the key to fit in your cylinder. It’s advised if you have any doubts about the key you may be purchasing to get in touch with our support team before placing the order. 

Acura Car Key Programming

Different Acura models and years require different types of programming. Some Acura’s offer an On-board programming feature which when purchasing a key from us we will provide the needed information on how to do so. If your vehicle is one of the Acura models that doesn’t support on board programming our staff can quickly recommend you to approved locksmith retailers in your area. 

Connect with our staff to see if your vehicle has onboard programming features or what exactly you will need to do before being able to use your new key.

Quick tips when buying Acura Car Keys Online

When making your purchase, be sure to read all of the instructions. This includes ensuring that you have selected to the correct make, model and year of vehicle. Please be sure to read all of the directions provided in your purchase. Some manufacturers do not recommend using keys other than those provided by them. If at any moment you feel like you are lost or not entirely sure about your purchase get in touch with one of our staff members. 

When you purchase car keys online, make sure that you purchase them from a trusted website like car key duplication. Be sure to read the shipping details carefully to ensure that the site delivers the item in a timely manner. While it is important to get the item in good condition, you need to be sure that it arrives in the right condition. 

Acura Car Keys is one of the most popular and in demand types of key in America. No matter what type of Acura model you drive, it requires a key. Having a duplicate key made for a friend or neighbor, or even just for you to leave at home can really help. If you have ever lost your car keys before or locked yourself out you understand how beneifical it would have been to have had a spare key. A lot of the times if you have lost all of your car keys then it is much more expensive then had you just had a duplicate made in the first place. 

Testimonies From Our Clients

Great Service! Their prices were extremely reasonable and the team went above and beyond for me to ensure I got the right key for my vehicle.

John Perkins

“I gladly paid a measly $80 when the dealer wanted to charge me over 600 for a duplicate key.. Car key duplication is worth much more than I paid. I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding service. This really helped us”

Joel Santana

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