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It is not difficult to get a locksmith to come to you in Enterprise, AL. Not only do we have stores in Enterprise, but we are found all throughout the state of Alabama. We are in not only Enterprise, but also most cities of Alabama, which makes this much easier for the millions of people in these communities. If you do purchase a product directly from our site, in any of the areas where we provide service, we can schedule you in for an appointment. One of our locksmiths will be sent out to your location, at a time that you would find most convenient, if you would prefer having that level of personalized service.

Top Rated Locksmith In Enterprise AL

We have multiple storefronts throughout Enterprise. Customers can also access their services online through their service area pages to buy products and schedule key programming services. Car Key Duplication is also properly licensed, insured, and bonded with limitless Key Warranty options, which ensures that all our customers have guaranteed warranties for the car keys they purchase. 

Every car owner wants to have their car keys duplicated and programmed at the most affordable price possible. Luckily for all, we offer exceptional services at extremely competitive prices. When looking for an irresistible deal, contact Car Key Duplication, Enterprise. Visit any of the Car Key Duplication storefronts in Enterprise or simply log on to the internet and make an order to have a car key delivered on time at your doorstep!


Order precut keys and we will ship them the same day.


Order the keys and schedule a service call to have your keys cut and programmed at your convenience.


Order the keys and schedule an appointment to come by one of our storefront locations.

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24 Hour Locksmith Services In Enterprise And Nearby

Not all locksmiths can work on transponder keys. At Enterprise Key Duplication, you can rest easy knowing that our locksmiths can give you a spare or replacement key and then have it programmed to your car. Replacing or duplicating car keys isn’t how it used to be. Back in the day, you’d only have to visit a locksmith or your local hardware to have your service key duplicated. Car keys and remotes have become way more advanced. In most modern vehicles, you would have to make sure that your new keys are programmed to your car’s specific make and model.

Commercial Automotive & Residential Keys Or Locks

With our same day services, you won’t be stuck having to tow your vehicle to the dealer or waiting for a new key to be shipped to you. So give our experienced locksmiths in Enterprise a try and we will come out and take care of the whole programming process with one of our high-quality keys specifically designed for your vehicles make, model, and year!

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