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Are Car Keys Waterproof?

Car keys are put through a lot of abuse, dropped them in the lake, washed them in the washer, dropped them, ran them over, fell down the stairs, and so many other scenarios so you are left wondering are car keys waterproof?  Maybe you dropped them in the fish tank, yes this has really happened!  Doing the dishes and they fell in the sink.  So are car keys waterproof?  For the most part, the answer is no. Typically, once your car keys get wet they will no longer work, usually, they can work for a short period of time but as rust and deterioration of the electrical components break down inside the key they generally end up failing a little while down the road.

Are Transponder Keys Waterproof?

Transponder keys are more durable than key fobs AKA remote style keyless options.  These types of keys hold up a little better against water but they too can fail, depending on the scenario. Your best bet is to avoid getting your keys wet.  Sometimes people will jump in the pool, lake, or other body of water, or a friend/family member thinks it’s funny to push you in.  Pool water also contains many chemicals that will cause even more damage than just water will to your car keys.  

Are car keys waterproof?  The most straightforward answer is generally no.  Some people have put their waterlogged keys in rice overnight and they may work for a little while but generally speaking the damage is done and you should look for a replacement before you are stranded. Trust me you will thank us later!

Car keys weren’t built to go scuba diving, swimming, or to be put in the washing machine.  Plain water won’t cause as much damage as pool, saltwater, or detergent water in the washing machine.  However, most car keys are not waterproof.