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Work with an honest locksmith local to Peoria, Arizona. Above all else, we have the biggest number of actual areas for vehicle key duplications in Peoria. We have a business in Springfield that you could get to immediately. However, numerous individuals decide to visit our site at first. This will permit them to see the huge stock that we have accessible.

Same-Day Shipping Available

Expedited if ordered before 2 pm.

180 day replacement guarantee.

180 day replacement guarantee.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Same-Day Shipping Available

Expedited if ordered before 2 pm.

180 day replacement guarantee.

180 day replacement guarantee.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

In the event that you are in Medford and need an extraordinary vehicle key duplication service, we are the individuals to call.

Locksmith In Peoria Arizona

Do you want a duplicate key? Or maybe program the remote? No problem! We offer both car key duplication and remote programming services in Peoria at the most budget-friendly prices. At Car Key Duplication, we not only provide incredible deals but also car key services to a wide variety of brands. From luxurious cars to the ones you see in large numbers every day, we have machines that can make duplicate keys within the same day.

Consider Car Key Duplication as your go-to automotive locksmith because we have a huge inventory of keys, car key metals, and remotes that help us save time in making the duplicates.

car key fob on car dashboard
key inserted into car door lock
key cutting machine on workbench

Peoria Car Key FOB Replacement 

At the point when you go to our site, we make it simple for you to locate your careful key. You can begin via looking for the brand of your vehicle. This will be useful while mentioning vehicle key administrations, for example, keys, fobs, and remotes. You will in this way pick the model and the time of your vehicle. You will at that point click search. From that point, you will locate the specific key that you need, and the costs that we charge for our services. All that we do we gave an equivalent day delivering alternative in addition to warranty and replacement choices too.

We Accept Major Credit Cards:

We Sell The Key, Do The Cutting And The Programming

We offer a wide range of kinds of services which incorporate giving remote heads, remote car keys, push to start keys and standard vehicle keys for those that need them. We also do transponder keys and services keys which are frequently required by numerous cutting edge vehicles. For those that can’t come out to one of our offices, we do offer customized services, permitting us to come out to your area.

We Offer A Same-Day Medford Car Key Duplication Services

In addition to the fact that we offer reasonable Peoria car key duplication services we likewise have an immense stock of vehicle keys, controllers, fobs, transponder keys, and service keysnormally in stock.

The entirety of our Medford locksmiths can deal with all of your vehicle key duplication requires. They are completely authorized, protected, fortified, and proficient! With forthright valuing and you only pay what we quote!

Why buy car keys & remotes from us and not our competitors?

For certain vehicles like GM for instance you have the choice of on-board programming which will dispense with the requirement for calling a locksmith. Essentially make your buy and adhere to our gave locally available programming directions to your vehicle and you will be rapidly headed to having a copy vehicle key.

Affordable Springfield Car Key Duplication

It has been our objective since dispatching our site to give incredible arrangements on vehicle keys as well as we comprehended that greater part of vehicles require programming or key cutting. Vehicle key duplication was established by locksmiths with long periods of involvement that needed to change the manner in which the business standard was seen. We took the entirety of our experience and consolidated everything into a simple cycle. Did I notice our costs are incredibly serious for the market?

Mobile Car Key Programming

Lost the entirety of your keys in Peoria?  No worries!  You needn’t bother with vehicle key duplication you need a brand new vehicle key programmed.  That’s okay!  We can help.  Our completely authorized, insured, and bonded Springfield locksmith specialists can program and cut you a shiny new vehicle key.

Avoid the mark up, while locksmiths can provide a must need service like most service industries they mark up their parts.  By buying car keys online direct you are saving yourself from the mark up, inconvenience of waiting not knowing if the part has arrive or not (or sometimes even forgetting about you).

With our same day services, you won’t be adhered towing your vehicle to the seller or trusting that another key will be delivered to you.  So check our accomplished locksmiths in Springfield out and we will come out and deal with the entire programming measure with one of our top notch keys explicitly intended for your vehicles make, model, and year!

Easy Key FOB Replacement

Searching for the car key or remote you want is extremely easy.

We have a massive inventory and you just need to search for the make, model, and year of your vehicle to buy the key you need. You can also search by VIN. There are multiple options for delivery.

1. Order precut keys and we will ship them the same day.
2. Order the keys and schedule a service call to have your keys cut and programmed at your convenience.
3. Order the keys and schedule an appointment to come by one of our storefront locations.

We are properly licensed, bonded, and insured.

Testimonies From Our Clients

“I was amazed at the quality of car key duplication. I don’t always clop, but when I do, it’s because of car key duplication. It’s just amazing. Car key duplication has completely surpassed our expectations.”

John Perkins


“I would gladly pay over 600 dollars for car key duplication. Car key duplication is worth much more than I paid. I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding product. This really helped us”

Joel Santana

Graphic Designer

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