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Car Key Duplication Services In Prescott, Arizona

Losing car keys is more common than you may think. If you have lost or misplaced your car keys in Prescott, Arizona, you can enjoy the convenience of driving your own car in a matter of hours by contacting our reliable car replacement experts at Car Key Duplication. We are a fully licensed, comprehensively insured and bonded company that prides itself in providing same day car key replacement service to our clients across the entire Prescott, Arizona.


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car key duplication is now in Prescott, Arizona!

Why buy car keys & remotes from us and not our competitors?

Your car is an integral part of your day to day life. Apart from the convenience it offers you when it comes to transportation, it may also be a statement of your style. We understand how stressful and annoying it can be when you are locked out of your prized ride. For this reason, we are committed to helping you get replacement keys as quickly as possible at any time of the day or night.

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Why buy car keys & remotes from us and not our competitors?

Working with our businesses very simple process. First of all, we have the largest number of physical locations for car key duplications and replacements in Arizona. We have a business in Prescott that you could access right away. However, many people choose to visit our website initially. This will allow them to see the vast inventory that we have available. It also enables them to find contact information that they may need if they have any questions. Some of this information includes accessing our 24-hour chat services. This will enable you to get answers to your question day or night. While you are there, you can also use our phone number to call during business hours.

Multiple In-Store Pick-Up Locations

We offer many different types of services which include providing remote heads, remote car keys, push to start keys and standard car keys for those that need them. We also do transponder keys and service keys which are often needed by many modern vehicles. For those that cannot come out to one of our facilities, we do offer personalized services, allowing us to come out to your location. If you happen to be in the Prescott area, simply tell us where you are located so that one of our technicians can come out to provide you with the services you are requesting. We can actually bring your car key directly to you which will save you a substantial amount of time.

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Testimonies From Our Clients

“I was amazed at the quality of car key duplication. I don’t always clop, but when I do, it’s because of car key duplication. It’s just amazing. Car key duplication has completely surpassed our expectations.”

John Perkins


“I would gladly pay over 600 dollars for car key duplication. Car key duplication is worth much more than I paid. I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding product. This really helped us”

Joel Santana

Graphic Designer

Hire Us to come to you and program your key or remote.

When you go to our website, we make it very easy for you to find your exact key. You can start off by searching for the brand of your car. This will be helpful when requesting car key services such as keys, fobs, and remotes. You will subsequently choose the model and the year of your vehicle. You will then click search. From there, you will find the exact key that you need, and the prices that we charge for our services. Everything that we do with provided with a same-day shipping option plus warranty and replacement options as well.

Affordable Prescott Car Key Duplication

Not only do we offer affordable West Jordan car key duplication services we also have a huge inventory of car keys, remotes, fobs, transponder keys, and service keys typically in stock.

Superb Locksmiths

All of our Prescott locksmiths can handle all of your car key duplication needs.  They are all licensed, insured, bonded, and professional!  With upfront pricing and you only pay what we quote!

We Offer Same Day Service

Instead of hedging your bet on car key replacement professionals who claim to offer quick services and end up disappointing, why not deal with professionals like us who have a verifiable track record of meeting the needs and expectations of clients like you who need car duplication services in Prescott?

Should you notice your keys are missing, you simply need to call us regardless of the time and our experts will be at hand a jiffy to help you out.

We Are Flexible When It Comes To Service Delivery

At Car Key Duplication, we work according to the schedule of our clients. Have a busy day and do not have time to meet up with our technicians? No worries… You can simply tell us the type of car key you want by clicking here and our experts will work on your key then deliver it to you at your convenience.

Additionally, we have multiple storefronts located strategically in Highland and the entire Salt Lake County. On telling us what you need, you can arrange to pick up your keys at one of our many stores at your own time.

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