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Order your Audi car keys quickly and easily through our online store.  We provide fast, affordable, and quality car keys, remotes, and fobs.  If you can’t find what you are looking for give us a call or send us an email.  We are happy to help!





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We Provide High-Quality Car Keys For Audi

Let’s be honest it’s not just about the best price, you deserve quality keys, great customer service, and a company that will help ensure you order the correct key for your Audi.  If you have had trouble with other key suppliers sending you the wrong key or the frustration of your local locksmith not having your key and keeps blowing you off and forgetting about you.  This is why ordering your own key will save you time and money.  If you send us the VIN of your vehicle or alternatively your make, model, and year even over the phone we can help ensure you order the correct key.

Won’t I still need to hire a locksmith?  Depending on the year and model, however, by you providing the key will save you from paying for the mark up that locksmith companies tack on to the price.  You will only need them to perform the key programming without waiting for them to order the key (which it’s common for them to forget about you and not inform you when or if they even ordered it).

Audi, Keys, Fobs, Service Keys, And More!

Whether you need an Audi chip key, Keyless Remote, Or Service key.  Here at Car Key Duplication, we have you covered.  More than likely we not only will have it but most of the time it’s in stock!

Transponder Keys

The function of Audi transponder keys is to protect your vehicle from theft. Having this added automotive security helps prevent cars from being taken without the key such as being hotwired. When your key is inserted into the ignition and clicks to the ON position it sends a signal from the chip that tells the computer that it’s a match.

Keyless Remotes

There are numerous benefits to having an Audi keyless remote. First and foremost, a car key is no longer needed, you won’t need to fumble for car keys in your pocket or purse anymore. They are safer and without them, there would be an increase in auto theft.  Another advantage to this is that, it’s much harder to lock your keys in your vehicle.

Service Keys

Audi service keys are a bare metal key that is a duplicate copy of your cars specific cuts. If you have a push to start, you will find the Audi service key inside your fob. The key helps in the event you are locked out of your Audi as it allows you to unlock your door, but it will not start your car unless you have the fob.

Audi cars are one of the best-known names in the industry when it comes to producing luxury automobiles. Their success is based on their superior engineering, innovative technology, and high-quality craftsmanship. Audi car keys are known for their innovative technology and their advanced engineering, especially the digital signal processor (DSP) in their cars. The DSP is responsible for the unique quality of each car. These cars feature numerous features, including a variety of electronic safety systems, power steering control, satellite navigation systems, and much more. Audi has come up with numerous new technologies like the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD), And Multimedia Digital Amplifier (MDA).


Many people buy their cars as an investment and with the RS they are getting the most out of their money. They are very well known around the world and offer great value for money. There is no better way to experience the driving experience of an Audi than with this model. Audi is constantly working hard on its vehicles and to keep up with its competitors they have been able to come up with the latest and greatest products on the market today. 

Audi Q7

With a lot of new features and a lot of high-end performance in place, the new Audi Q7 is going to be a very different vehicle from the other vehicles it competes with for market share. The all-new Q7 is a vehicle that is sure to provide a real high-end experience. 

Audi e-tron Sportback

What Type Of E-Tron Sportback Is Audi Building Today? Guess what, it’s a hybrid! Audi has really two kinds of Sportback. The first is A1, and the second is the A3.  With these luxurious rides, you can be assured you are getting comfort, luxury, and performance.

Audi A1

Audi A1 Sportback review: a nice little first car? Well, we will have to agree to that. The new Audi Sportback is an SUV, and it is certainly the most expensive of the new A1 range. It’s more than three feet longer than a regular family car.

Audi A3

The newest member of the Audi family is the brand new Audi A3 Sedan. This vehicle is designed with a sleek modern design that can help it blend in well in your daily commute. The new Audi A3 Sedan is designed to have an upscale look but still maintain a comfortable and relaxed ride for everyday use. 

Audi A8

The latest in luxury cars, the Audi A8 makes a great choice when it comes to finding that perfect sports car. From small and compact to large and powerful, you can choose from a wide array of different models and features on the new model that is available.

Audi Q5

From its smooth-flowing exterior to the luxuries within, this compact crossover SUV pushes styling beyond limits to create a captivating environment. The refined, well-placed Audi Q5 interior design aesthetic combines sophistication and comfort to create an exciting environment for passengers and drivers alike. 

Audi Q8

If you are looking for a stylish vehicle to complement your personality then there is no doubt that the Audi Q8 would be a great choice. The new model of this car has received excellent reviews from car enthusiasts across the globe and with its sleek design and sophisticated features, the Audi Q8, is sure to become the center piece of any driver’s personality.

Audi A7

The new Audi A7 combines stylish design with practicality in a stunning package. Unlike its smaller sedan sibling, the new Audi A7 is a rear hatchback, allowing it to be more practical yet still be very visually stunning and of course, is comfortable and sporty.

Audi TT

It’s not the best in class in any one category, but it is impressive in most situations. This reasonably priced sports car is finely tuned, offering sharp handling and a smooth ride, making it suitable for most driving situations. Like with most Audi cars it has a luxurious look and feel.

How to Videos – Audi Programming and Duplication etc.

Here at Car Key Duplication, we supply a vast library of car keys, remotes, fobs, and how to videos including literature.  If your vehicle is equipped with on-board programming we will explain how to program your own car keys.  If this isn’t an option we will explain options to save you time and money and your options.

Audi car keys typically require programming and most of the time you feel like you should go to the dealership but you have other options such as hiring a local locksmith, be sure to order a key from us prior to hiring them.  Most locksmiths don’t carry very many programmable keys due to all the makes, models, and years.  To prevent from having to wait for them to order the key and marking it up, it’s best if you order the key prior to hiring them to save from having to pay multiple service call fees.

Locksmith Technology

On-Board Programming

If your car has on-board programming technology you don’t have to call a locksmith to program your new car key, fob, or remote.

Buy OEM Audi Keyless Entry Remote Key Fobs with confidence from Car Key Duplication. Get the best price and save 70% off Dealership prices and get our NorthCoast Commitment Customer Guarantee – 30 day no-questions-asked returns and 90 day repair or replace guarantee! All key fobs are guaranteed to work with your vehicle or your money back. That’s our promise to you!

We Value Our Customers

Here at Car Key Duplication, we believe in providing high-quality car keys, great customer service, and providing top-notch customer support.

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180 day replacement guarantee.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed