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BMW Car Key Locksmith Near You

If you lose your OEM BMW or Mini Smart key, don’t let that deter you from purchasing a new BMW key for your car. With Car Key Duplication, we work with BMW locksmiths everyday all through-out the united states. We have a large network of screened locksmiths that are able to give you same day BMW car key replacement services at a fraction of the price the dealer can do, that’s if the dealer doesn’t have you waiting for weeks for a key.

Supplying you with a BMW key is easy and quick. Our great customer service department will help you with any questions you may have about using our BMW locksmiths near you for an affordable rate. When buying a new or used BMW smart key from a dealer, you will pay much more and sometimes the quality isn’t even up to par.  We have seen lots of used BMW keys that ended up failing during programming.  Why settle for used when you can buy new for less.

Search For Your BMW Key And Use One Of Our BMW Locksmiths for programming!

Best BMW Locksmiths Located Near You

It takes an experienced locksmith to be able to successfully program new keys to your BMW, we use special procedures depending on what type of key system your BMW is equipped with that must be followed to properly unlock them. This is due to the extra security that comes equipped with these vehicles.  Car key duplication for BMW’s are known to be some of the hardest in the industry and as I am sure you have experienced when trying to get a cheap BMW key replacement or a BMW spare key, you have found there is very few BMW locksmiths. 


  • In order to program or duplicate a BMW key you need special equipment, knowledge, and the right key.
  • The dealership charges a lot for a spare key but a good locksmith can provide as good if not better service for less. 

Popular BMW Vehicle’s We Carry Car Keys For

BMW is one of the best-known automobile brands in the world. It is the official luxury carmaker of BMW AG and it is the largest German motor-car manufacturer by revenue. BMW has been producing a wide range of luxury cars for the last forty years and it has managed to build up a reputation that many other brands cannot match. As one of the largest manufacturers in Germany, it is one of the most well-known names in the industry and is considered to be a very trustworthy brand.

BMW 1-Series

BMW 4-Series

BMW 7-Series

BMW 2-Series

BMW 5-Series

BMW M-Series

BMW 3-Series

BMW 6-Series

BMW X-Series

Would you like to talk to one of our BMW locksmiths?

Need Help ordering a key?  Have questions?  Just need guidance to make sure you order the right key?  Give us a call we are here to help!

Best BMW Car Key Duplication

Finding the best BMW car key duplication can be hard, frustrating, and time-consuming. Because of these issues, we decided to help keep things simple by providing our customers with local locksmiths that have been vetted and checked to ensure they can help you with your BMW car key programming, duplication, and cutting needs.

If your vehicle is equipped with on-board programming you won’t need a locksmith you can easily program your own car key if it required programming.  Maybe you need a 1989 BMW key?  We most likely will have it in stock!

Best Automotive Locksmith for BMW Cars

When looking online for BMW auto locksmiths you will find out not many service BMWs.  We have vetted, professional, licensed, BMW locksmith services providers across the United States exclusively to our customers.


  • High-quality locksmiths that can service BMW car keys.
  • Programming, duplication, and ignition repair services.  Just order your key from us and scan the QR code to find a locksmith near you that service your vehicle make, model, and year.

BMW Fob Key and Remote Start By Car Key Duplication

We have a large selection of key fobs, bare metal keys, and transponder keys for BMW cars.

Need that hard to find key? One that has all the buttons and functions your previous remote had?  Well, you have come to the right place!  We have a huge inventory of BMW car keys.

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Send us whatever questions you may have and one of our customer service representatives will follow up with you generally within 12 hours. We strive to connect all of our customers with only the best authorized and screened BMW locksmiths in our network and cover all 50 states!

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