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Buick key fobs, remotes And Transponder Keys

The new generation of Buick key fobs are made to be the perfect fit for the cars of today. The new Buick keys are generally made out of the same materials as your Buick key fob for your car, with the addition of a few modern touches to give it a little flair and style. The latest generation keys have more options than ever before and will allow you to enjoy even more features and conveniences. You can purchase an OEM key that doesn’t just look like your old Buick car key if you order OEM it will be exact.





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Buick Car Keys, Remotes, And Transponder Keys In-Stock

If you need a new or replacement Buick key fob, then you can easily order a new one here at Car Key Duplication.  If you have questions, concerns, or just need help ensuring you are ordering the correct Buick car key then give us a call. Buying a new spare key will not take much time at all because of our expertly designed website with easy to access information . Buying a replacement Buick key fob shouldn’t be difficult or having to wait for a locksmith to order them for you and forget, don’t update you, or don’t even tell you it’s on back order.  We removed these headaches so you can order direct and depending on your vehicle make, model, and year you may have on-board programming if not you can call a locksmith of your choice or use one of our vetted locksmiths nationwide.  

We carry a large selection of Buick key fobs, remotes, and bare metal keys typically in-stock .

Buick Key Fob Programming

Need help with Buick key programming as well?  No problem, with our ever growing nationwide vetted locksmith service we can match you with a certified, licensed, and insured locksmith in your area that can handle your Buick car key programming needs.

However, more than likely you won’t need a locksmith because most Buick vehicles are equipped with on board programming.  We can help by providing you with instructions or even provide phone support.  So not only are saving money by buying your keys from us direct but you also are saving money by not having to pay a locksmith to perform the programming.


What Is Buick On Board Programming?

The great thing about Buick is they offer on board programming.  This is great because you don’t have to pay thousands on key programming equipment or pay a locksmith to program your new keys for you.  It’s a pretty simple process and we are even happy to help you with phone support!  How many other car key suppliers are willing to do that?  Here at Car Key Duplication we believe in going above and beyond you will not be disappointed with our keys, customer service, or information we provide.

We built Car Key Duplication because many locksmiths only carry the most popular keys and they tack on fees and markup to their products which makes sense for the keys they actually have in stock but on ones they have to order is just crazy!  That’s if they don’t forget to order it, don’t call you, and just basically drop the ball!

  • Save Time & Money
  • Buick Car Key Programming Is Easy With On Board Programming
  • If You Have On Board Programming No Need To Hire A Locksmith


Top-Notch Buick Car Keys

We only sell high-quality keys, fobs, remotes, batteries, and products.  If it doesn’t meet our quality control, specifications, and each and every product will meet or exceed OEM specs.



The name Buick carries a lot of good reputation in the car market. Buick is an entity of the American car manufacturing company General Motors. Named after automotive pioneer David Buick, the company was one of the earliest American marques of cars and became the most influential brand of automobiles in America. Buick cars were the symbol of style and luxury. They are extremely popular and are considered as an icon of modernity. Their classic lines, superb performance, and stylish interiors have always attracted many fans from across the globe.








As you probably already know you can’t simply just cut a new transponder key unless you only want it to unlock your car doors.  You need a transponder key AKA chipped key.


Your Buick service key is typically located inside your key fob, it is typically used to access a vehicle with a dead battery or other electronic failure.  However, keep in mind a service key will not start your Buick.


Your Buick remote key is your remote key that is used on push to start vehicles.  No key is necessary and no more fumbling in your pocket, purse, or bag for your car keys.  These are becoming one of the most popular car key options.

How to Videos – Buick Programming and Duplication etc.

As an added benefit we are building out a library of how to “Buick on board programming” to help you program your own Buick car keys.  In the meantime if we don’t have your exact procedure feel free to call us after purchasing your Buick key fob and we are happy to help you with phone support and instructions on how to do this without hiring a locksmith.

Here at Car Key Duplication, we believe in providing superior customer service, support, and the highest quality car keys available at an affordable price.

  • Save Time & Money By Buying Direct
  • Affordable, High-Quality Buick Key Fobs
  • Huge Selection Of Car Keys, Remotes, & Transponders


We Value Our Customers

Honestly, we believe that customer satisfaction is the key to success!  Pun, totally intended.

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180 day replacement guarantee.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed