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auto keys

Here at Car Key Duplication we have a huge inventory of key fobs, remotes, service keys, and transponder keys for most makes, models, and years of vehicles.  With our strong reputation, superb customer service, and support that goes above and beyond.  If you don’t know what key you need and want to ensure you are ordering the correct key for your vehicle feel free to give us a call and we are happy to make sure you get the right one!  With onboard programming some vehicle make, models, and years make it possible for the vehicle owner to program their own car keys.  

Same-Day Shipping Available

Expedited if ordered before 2 pm.

180 day replacement guarantee.

180 day replacement guarantee.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

affordable key fobs

Friendly, Fast, And Affordable

What exactly is a Car Key Fob or Remote Key Head? Car key fobs, also known as remote key fobs, are remote-control devices that allow the vehicle to start modern automobiles. These are similar to car remote start systems in some ways; however, their main difference is the push to start system. Other types are incorporated into the body of the car key, making them sometimes referred to as car key remotes.

car Service keys

battery dead?  Key fob wont unlock your vehicle

Your vehicle service key is usually located in the key fob.  This key is important in the event that your car battery dies.  Because the service key will allow you to unlock the car and pop the hood to jump-start the vehicle or replace the battery.  However, this key will not typically start the vehicle.  This is because it’s a bare metal key and can’t communicate with your car’s computer system.

Transponder keys

Also known as chipped keys

These keys look similar to a bare metal key.  However, they have a plastic casing at the top that contains a chip that works much like the chip on a credit card.  When the key is inserted into the car’s ignition and you turn it to “on” or “start” this chip communicates with the car’s computer system and says “yes it’s a match, it’s okay to start”  without this chip the vehicle will not start.

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Unsurpassed customer support right at your fingertips, just one click, call, email, or chat away.

huge Inventory

We have a huge inventory of all types of car keys, remotes, transponder keys, and so much more.

Shipping options

With multiple shipping options you can decide which works best for you, even our regular shipping options is fast and precise.

our car key Service program

Hire One Of Our Vetted Professional Locksmiths

Here at Car Key Duplication, we do our best to save you time and money by offering affordable car keys, remotes, and transponder keys.  As an added bonus and savings, we also provide instructions to onboard programming.  However, sometimes hiring the dealer or a local locksmith is unavoidable. Which leaves you trying to find a locksmith that you can trust and can actually perform the job at hand.  With our car key service program we can match you with one of our vetted professional locksmiths in your local area.

Key Fob Programming & Cutting

Our professional vetted locksmiths can help with key fob programming, cutting, and even unlock your vehicle.  This helps ensure you aren’t hiring some scamming fake locksmith in your area.  Also, by using our car key service program rest assured they won’t use the excuse that something is wrong with the key and try to sell you the same key for more.

All Types Of Car Keys

Whether it’s a transponder key, remote, or key fob we have a huge inventory of keys and probably have it in stock.  To make things even easier we now offer local locksmith services through our car key service program.  This service will allow you to know you are hiring a trusted, vetted, and professional locksmith.

Cut By Vin

This is a service we provide even via online.  You simply supply us with your vehicles VIN and proof of ownership and we will cut your new key specific to your exact vehicle and then ship you the new key.  This is huge, especially if your vehicle is equipped with onboard programming because you can program the key yourself in most cases.

Car Key Fobs, Transponder Keys, Customer Service, And Reliable Locksmith Services

Car Key Duplication believes in providing professional, reliable, and vetted locksmith services.  Our mission is to be the biggest car key supplier, we don’t just want to be the biggest our goal is to be the best, affordable, and go above and beyond by offering free instructions, support, and even connect you with a local locksmith through our car key service program.

We want to save you time, money, and eliminate frustrations.  Buying your car keys online will save you some money and eliminate the frustration of waiting and hoping the locksmith orders your car key in a timely manner.  By offering onboard programming instruction we are saving you money by eliminating the need to hire a locksmith in many scenarios.  In the event you do need to hire a locksmith we can match you with a reliable provider through our car key service program saving you money by ensuring you aren’t hiring a scammer.