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Locksmith Boulder, Colorado Car Key Duplication Services

When it comes to hiring a locksmith in Boulder, Colorado it’s important to watch for three things.  One, make sure no matter what they are licensed!  Two, that they are insured, while these things are the top 2 most important things because someone who is willing to operate outside the law has no problem ripping people off.  Also, being insured covers you in the event they cause property damage. Three) If you need a commercial locksmith make sure they are bonded as most insurance only covers so much and in the unlikely event they cause serious property damage or leave your business unsecure the bond will cover the damages!

Up to 50% off dealership prices

Get 180 days replacement guarantee.

Licensed, Insured, And Bonded

Auto Keys Cut & Programmed On-The-Spot, We Come To You!

Automotive Keys

All types of automotive keys including smart keys, transponder, remote head, and fobik.

Auto Lockouts

We offer all types of car lockout services including trucks, vans, SUVs, 18 wheelers, and more!

Residential Locksmith Services

House lockouts, rekeys, lock changes, and or smart lock installation and/or replacement.  We have great residential locksmiths!

Our Boulder locksmith services will exceed your expectations!

Boulder Residential Locksmith

When looking for a Boulder residential locksmith you want to be sure they have what you need in stock, the tools to get the job done.  Also, the experience to do it right!  Because the cheapest Boulder locksmith may be putting a bandaid on the job leaving your home vulnerable to break-ins, theft, and/or vandalism.

A real locksmith company takes tons of money in overhead such as auto key inventory, key programmers, slim jims, airbags, OBD diagnostic equipment, and laser key cutting machines.  So an extremely low price isn’t always a good sign it could mean they are using sub-par equipment and that new key that was cut could be made of inferior metal and has a more likely chance it will break or cheaper electronic components which can result in the car becoming unprogrammed after some time.

One Of The Best Boulder Locksmiths

Choosing a Boulder locksmith doesn’t have to be hard!  You don’t have to worry about calling the wrong locksmith anymore!  Our Accredited locksmith program makes each and every Boulder locksmith go through rigirous checks and all of them must be licensed, insured, and bonded.

We Accept Major Credit Cards:

Automotive Locksmith In Boulder

There is a demand for automotive locksmiths in Boulder, Colorado.  With this demand can attract scammers.  How do locksmith scams work?  Generally, they quote extremely low on the phone and jack the price up on you when they arrive or even after they finish the job.

By hiring a reputable Boulder locksmith you won’t have to go through this and will save you time and money which is only one of the reasons you should call Car Key Duplication.

Boulder Locksmith Service

In addition to the fact that we offer reasonable Boulder locksmith services we are also experienced, licensed, and insured! 

Our locksmiths can cut, program, and sync car key fobs, remotes, smart keys, and transponder keys on the spot or at your location.  Give us a call today and we arrive today!

Automotive Keys

Car Lockouts

Residential Locksmith

We are the key to your locksmith problems!

Boulder Locksmith For Hondas

Why would you want a boulder locksmith that specializes in Honda, Toyota, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Chevy, Ford, and any other make of vehicle?  Well, Honda’s are notorious for ignition problems, and having a locksmith with the ignition reset tool and capable of replacing, rekeying, and getting your Honda back in working order is important.

Key Duplication Locksmiths In Boulder, Colorado

As you probably already know it’s not easy like it use to be to get a duplicate car key.  This is because most key machines aren’t capable of cutting new-age vehicle car keys.  So most of your hardware stores aren’t able to cut sidewinder keys, flip keys, and most modern automotive keys.

With Car Key Duplication, this isn’t a problem with over 10 different key cutting machines we can cut, program, and sync auto keys to almost every vehicle on the road!  On top of using the most advanced equipment on the market.  We also are licensed, insured, and bonded.  Our experience in the Boulder automotive locksmith service industry is unsurpassed and we can tackle the toughest of problems!

When you need a Boulder locksmith you should call Car Key Duplication today!

Boulder locksmith service

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