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Searching for a Lakewood Locksmith?  What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of lost car keys? It’s the angst that you won’t reach your destination on time. Another thought soon crops up that who will make a duplicate set of keys for your car and how? At Car Key Duplication, we got you covered. In fact, we say that don’t wait to lose your keys before contacting us. It’s best if you already have a set of duplicate keys handy so that you don’t have to think of hiring a Lakewood, Colorado locksmith at the last moment.

Lakewood Locksmith Companies That Care

There’s nothing more frustrating than losing your car keys or finding out that your remote keyless entry no longer works. In such a situation, you would normally call a locksmith in Lakewood in the hopes of getting professional assistance in the least amount of time possible. 

At Car Key Duplication in Lakewood, Colorado, we always deliver with great customer service, affordable rates, and high quality automotive keys! This is precisely the reason why we have established a solid reputation in the industry. When it comes to replacing and duplicating car keys in Colorado.  Even if you find yourself locked out of your car, house, or even business our locksmiths are standing by to assist you.


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Exciting Lakewood Locksmith Services

It’s an exciting day when we can provide Lakewood locksmith services that other locksmith companies cannot.  Our highly skilled technicians are able to cut, program, and replace all keys lost by VIN, decoding, impressions, and other methods necessary in the event you have lost all your keys.  Sometimes your automotive key can get stuck in your ignition and/or break off inside the ignition this is pretty common on Honda vehicles.  Some locksmiths may refer you to a mechanic or say you will have to go to the dealership but our Car Key Duplication Accredited locksmiths can help repair, replace, cut, and program a new key to the ignition and get you back on the road.  Some people may believe that all Lakewood locksmiths are equal however, some aren’t licensed, insured, experienced, or bonded!  Rest assured all of our Lakewood locksmith technicians are all of these things and more!

My Car Keys Were Stolen

If your car keys are stolen you will have the additional worry about someone having access to your vehicle, home, and or business. In this case, you should call a Lakewood locksmith to rekey your house lock, disable your old vehicle keys, cut, and program a new set of automotive keys.

I Need A Lakewood Locksmith

When you find yourself thinking “I need a Lakewood Locksmith” you should give Car Key Duplication a call.  We are licensed, insured, experienced, and bonded.  Helping people with all their lock & key needs.  Even if you are just locked out of your car, truck, or van our locksmiths are standing by to assist you!

My Key Broke Off In The Lock

You just got home from work and are ready to go inside and relax so you turn your key and *SNAP* the key has broken off in the lock.  Now what?  First, you should check to see if you have another exterior door you can enter through.  If you do not then give us a call our Lakewood locksmith techs can help!

Beyond Lakewood Locksmith Services

We are way more than just another Lakewood Locksmith company.  Our locksmiths have access to one of the largest auto key warehouses in North America.  

Chances are that we have the key you are looking for in stock.  If by some fluke we don’t then we can get it in 24-48 hours and get you and your vehicle back on the road.

All of our locksmiths go through vigorous checks, background checks, and investigations to ensure they aren’t scammers, ripoffs, or unlicensed techs.  This ensures you are hiring a reputable locksmith to help assist you with your lock and key needs.

Call us today and see what we can do to help you.

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Locksmith In Lakewood, Colorado

By hiring a local accredited locksmith in Lakewood, colorado you are supporting your local community, reducing wait times, and having more options when it comes to locksmith services.

Some of the most important things to keep in mind when hiring a locksmith in Lakewood are as follow:

1) Ensure they are licensed.

2) Make sure they have been in business and have experience for some time.

3) Insured and/or bonded this helps ensure you are protected in the event that your property is damaged.

4) When getting price quotes over the phone make sure it includes everything including the service call fee.

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Car Key Duplication Locksmith Accreditation

There are several types of keys that our business can duplicate or program for you. This includes standard car keys, remote keys, and transponder keys. 

Automotive Keys

We can also provide service keys for you in a minimal amount of time. In fact, we offer the largest selection of keys in Lakewood when it comes to car keys and remote keys for virtually any vehicle.

Automotive Keys

We can also provide service keys for you in a minimal amount of time. In fact, we offer the largest selection of keys in Lakewood when it comes to car keys and remote keys for virtually any vehicle.

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