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Car Keys Cut By Photo

Sometimes it’s easier, more affordable, and just makes more sense to cut car keys by photo rather than hiring a locksmith.

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How To Take A Perfect Photo Of Your Key For Cut-By-Image

1: Clean The Key

Before you begin snapping photos, make sure the key is cleaned to remove any dirt or grime from the blade. Just rubbing it with a towel and rubbing alcohol should be good enough. 

2: Mark The Key

Contrast is our best friend when cutting a key using only an image. Using a pencil or marker, lightly color the edge of the key blade. If it is a high security style blade, color the areas as shown in the picture below.

3: Key Placement

Place the key on a flat surface. Ensure you have adequate lighting and that there is no glare coming off the key. 

4: Camera Placement

Check that the key is centered in the photo, and that the camera is positioned directly above the key. It is ideal to take a picture with portrait orientation. Some things to closely watch for in your picture includes: blurry or out of focus, angled pictures of the key, pictures that do not include the entire key.

5: Snap Away!

If you’ve followed these steps go ahead and take the picture. If you’ve done everything correctly it should come out something like our example below.

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Many Reasons To Cut A Car Key By Photo

One of the many reasons to cut a car key by photo is because the key has broken and you have glued it back together or before this happens you want a spare!  Now you could go to the dealership or even a local locksmith but once they see that the key is glued they are most likely going to charge high or tell you they can’t cut it.  This is because the way probes generally work on most key machines they use an electrical current to trace the key and when it’s broken the current doesn’t transmit through the entire key which will cause them to break a probe.  If they have ever experienced this they will generally turn you away as probes aren’t usually very cheap.

cut car key by image

Cut Car Key By Image

Can I Upgrade My Key To Remote Head With Your Cut Car Key By Photo Service?

Absolutely, you even get to select the key from the menu options.  After you have selected which car key to cut by image you then can select how many spare keys or car keys you want cut and shipped right to your door.  This means no waiting at the dealership, no worrying if the local locksmith has it in stock, or calling around at all!

Our Car Key By Photo Services not only will save you time, money, and the hassle of hiring someone local and hoping they show up.  But you have more options, because you will be selecting the quantity, products, and even better they come with free shipping!

Do you only offer car key cut by photo service?  At this time we are only offering auto key cutting by photo but in the future we will also include other options for all types of keys.

How does cutting my car key by photo work?  You take a clear photo of your existing car key, if it is broken connect it as close together as possible so we can see a clear image of the cuts to ensure we can replicate the key and send an exact copy of the cuts also known as bitting.

Once you have selected the quantity, keys, signed the Docusign, we can begin fulfilling your order.  We will begin our cut car key by photo service and within a couple of days you will have a spare key or a non-broken key to your vehicle.  This is a safe alternative to hiring a local locksmith.  Why not use cut by vin?  You can still use that service but if your ignition has been replaced it will not match the key code on file, also cutting a car by photo is less expensive as we don’t have to pull your key code from the database.

Replace Broken Keys With Our Cut Car Key By Photo Service

Cutting a car key by photo can help replace a broken car key that has been glued, screwed, or taped together.  The problem with fixing a car key by these methods is you leave residue on the key such as tape or glue.  Which then will end up getting inside your vehicle ignition and eventually lead to an ignition failure.  That will end up costing you far more than a new car key cut by photo.

We have seen all types of car keys repaired this way from remote head keys, transponder, AKA chipped keys, and emergency key blades.  Before you end up causing damage to your vehicles ignition, door locks, and or other lock it’s best the key is just replaced.  Now you can do so without even leaving the safety of your home!

While you have other options you will see that our cut car key by photo service is beyond reasonable, safe, easy, and affordable.  If you send us a clear image showing the key cuts we can decode the key from the image and cut you a new one.

Not only can we send you a new one, you can even upgrade to a remote head key (if your vehicle is equipped with the keyless entry feature).

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Key Programming

Cut By VIN

Cut Car Key By Photo

Keys Shipped Right To Your Door

We believe in providing a high quality service with free fast delivery!  While many providers may sell cheap low quality car keys, we believe in providing top-notch car keys for less.  Not only can you purchase a new key from our inventory we can cut and ship you a new key.

Every cut by image car key requires a government issues photo identification, this helps eliminate the misuse and abuse of our services.  To ensure if a vehicle has been stolen by a supposed friend/family member that we can help the police in the process of prosecuting the thief.  If you are thinking of using our services for such abuse then I would rethink it as we work actively with law enforcement agencies across the United States.

If you are the rightful owner of the vehicle and looking to save time and money then our cut car keys by photo is the service for you!

Flip Keys Cut By Photo AKA High Security Keys

We can even cut high security car keys by photo, flip keys, and even chipped keys.  Maybe you have a bare metal key it doesn’t matter!  Here at Car Key Duplication we can duplicate most auto keys by a photo.  If you need help or assistance placing a cut car key by photo, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  We have technicians standing by to assist you with your purchase.

Our cut car key by image service is very affordable because we eliminate the cost of running your vehicles VIN number for the key code.  Because of this we pass the savings on to you.  We strive to provide the best key cutting services at the very best rates.

If you are in the market for a spare key, duplicate, and/or just upgrade then you have come to the right place!  We have one of the largest supplies of automotive keys in the USA.  Our high quality car keys are built to last.  Not all keys are created equal as some are very poor quality, here at Car Key Duplication we only sell the highest quality automotive keys. 

key cut by photo

Upfront Pricing

With our upfront pricing you wont be left with an unexpected bill like some locksmith scam companies do.  You will know which key/keys are being shipped before they even leave our warehouse.

Since we include free shipping even that is included!  No more hours spent at the dealership waiting for them to make you a duplicate key, no more paying high fees to cut a key by vin, now you can simply order our cut car key by photo service and have a new set of keys in the mailbox in no time!

We use state-of-the-art technology to replicate your car key via an image.  Which then we cut you a new key based on that and ship it to you.

If you have any questions about this or any other service we offer please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and a representative will reach out to you shortly!

Car Key duplication provides all types of keys

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Cut Automotive Key By Photo

We believe if you give us a chance to provide you with a new, duplicate, and/or upgraded car key by photo that you will see how affordable, easy, and convenient the service truly is.  After your new key has arrived you are going to want to tell everyone you know about how you didn’t have to call a locksmith to cut you a new car key.  In the event that your vehicle has a key that needs programmed we also rent key programmers online to help assist you with that as well!  Totally eliminating the need for a locksmith!

flip key car locksmith near me

Replace Your Car Key By Photo Before It’s Lost

Having a spare car key is important!  It may not seem like it right this second but when you lose it you will discover that replacing a all keys lost car key is much more expensive.  This is because the locksmith must decode your ignition and or run your vehicle VIN to get the key cuts.  Which takes expensive tools, charges for VIN, and/or lots of experience.

So by using our car key cut by photo service you save money by not needing to hire one of those types of locksmiths and/or the cost of obtaining the key code via the VIN.

 Whatever type of key you need cut by photo our service can help you obtain a spare key or replace that broken flip key, transponder, or bare metal one with on problem!  Use the order form and get a new key on the way today!