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Car Keys Cut
By VIN Code Online

We offer car keys cut online by VIn, As an added benefit on top of affordable car key duplication, key fobs, remotes, and chip keys. We also offer key cuts by VIN. Call us and send us a few documents proving you are the owner of the vehicle and the VIN. This allows us to cut you a new key vs just sending you a blank.

Custom Car Key Cut By VIN

Must Provide Proof of ownership

select your vehicle below

Please be patient after clicking the button it takes a few seconds to take you to the next step.

**If your key has a chip in it then it will need to be
programmed to the vehicle.**

We accept all major credit cards

I Have Lost All My Keys, Can You Cut A New Key Without The Old One?

Sometimes you lose all of your car keys and need car key duplication, a spare, or a new key cut. We can cut you a new metal key with your VIN number (proof of ownership is required). This is an added value of choosing us for your car key, fobs, and remote supplier.

This means you can save money from having to pay a locksmith to provide this service. But what about programming? Some manufactures have on-board programming meaning you can do it yourself pretty easily. If you have a vehicle that doesn’t offer on-board programming then you will still need to hire a locksmith to perform the programming.

However, by having the key already cut and ensuring it’s the correct one by using our service. You will save time and money by having the key on hand vs waiting for the locksmith to order it. You also won’t have to pay them to make the cut just the programming.

The Best Platform

There are no other sites or platforms out there that offer the easiest way to order your custom cut by VIN car key, than Car Key Duplication.

Professional Locksmith

We have locksmith that has years of experience in locksmithing, from commercial, residential, emergency and most of all automotive locksmith.

Top Of The Line Equipments

Here at Car Key Duplication, aside from friendly and professional locksmiths, we are making sure that we have the best equipment.

How We Cut Your Key By VIN

You probably are wondering is there a way to get a car key replacement online by VIN number? Yes, there is with Car Key Duplication we do all the heavy lifting! You just sit back and wait for your new pre-cut by VIN key to arrive at your doorstep.

Our vast supply of affordable car keys just got better! Now you can program your own car keys with vehicles equipped with onboard programming. Previously if you had lost all car keys you would either have to call a locksmith or tow your vehicle to the dealership. That’s not very convenient nor cost-effective. But now with our car key replacement by VIN number online services you don’t have to! You have options and that’s a good thing for you as a consumer because you aren’t stuck with just one expensive way of getting a replacement car key.

We accept all major credit cards

 Step One

Visit our website and select cut car key by VIN.  Fill out all the necessary details and move on to the next step.

 Step Two

After selecting buy now, then you will proceed to checkout and enter in all of your details and proof of ownership.

 Step Three

After finalizing your payment and entering in all of your details we begin the cut car key by VIN code process.

 Step Four

Your brand new cut by VIN car key is shipped out using your selected shipping method and will arrive shortly.

Car Key Cutting by VIN From start to Finish


If you’re a bit lazy to read all the steps

Car Key duplication provides all types of keys

get your vehicle key sent directly to you

Car Key Replacement by the VIN Number Online

The way our car key replacement by vin number service works is pretty simple. You simply provide documentation proving you own the vehicle such as insurance, registration, and a drivers license matching the documents. Then give us your exact make, model, and year of the vehicle you need a key replacement for and we do all the heavy lifting. We then ship out your pre-cut key to your exact vehicle VIN.

After we have the correct make, model, and year of your vehicle we can then get started cutting you an exact fit for you specific vehicle. No more worrying about paying a locksmith a service call fee, no more waiting for him to show up, no more stress just a car key replaced by the VIN number shipped directly to your door.

Why does different cuts cost different amounts? Isn’t it all the same amount of labor? Different cuts takes different machines and some vehicles require other forms of obtaining codes. Since we don’t have your vehicle on-site we have to pull the correct cuts based on your vehicle’s vin number and thus different systems require different overhead.

Know More About Your VIN Number

Frequently Asked Questions About Replace Car Key By VIN Number Online

Why Do I Have To Provide Proof Of Ownership?

We follow all laws when it comes to car keys cut by VIN online. This helps prevent someone from just walking up to your vehicle and writing down your VIN and ordering a key for your vehicle.

Can't I just Pay The Dealership To Do This?

Yes, but the dealership is notorious for being overpriced.  Also, they tend to make you wait for a long time.  With our cut by VIN service, you can order it from the convenience of your home.

Why Not Just Pay A Local Locksmith?

You can order the key from us and have a local locksmith perform the key cuts.  But some locksmiths refuse to cut keys that customers supply due to big marketplaces littered with counterfeit keys.

Do You Offer Fast Shipping Options?

Yes, we can cut and ship your key very fast with very little downtime depending on your selection.

Replace Car Key By Vin Online, Is It Safe?

Absolutely, we use key tracking to ensure the key arrives at you and we don’t share or sell your information to anyone.



We have a huge selection of Acura car keys and with all of our inventory, we offer car key cuts by VIN.


You love your car and should ensure you are purchasing a quality key.  We even offer cut by VIN online key services.


Don’t spend all day at the dealership overpaying for your car key to be cut.  Instead, use Car Key Duplication!


We have a huge inventory of Buick keys but did you know we cut car keys online by VIN?  Yes, another option!


We keep it simple when ordering car keys or even cutting a new key via mail.  Call us or order online!


One of the most popular vehicle brands to this day.  We have the key you need and even offer car key cut by VIN code.


Have you checked out our Chrysler car key cut online service?  It’s never been easier to order keys!


Car keys cut online by VIN, including for all makes and models of Dodge vehicles!  Call us today!


With our Fiat online car key cut services, you won’t wait long for your new key to arrive directly to you!  With onboard programming, you won’t even need a locksmith.


On top of our huge selection of Ford keys, we also offer online cut car keys by VIN code.  This saves you time and money!


Looking for “replace car key by VIN number online?” Well, you found it we offer GMC car key cutting and even supply high-quality keys.


You probably already know us as one of the largest car key suppliers in America.  But did you know we offer cut car keys by VIN services?


Car Key Duplication offers to replace car key by VIN number online services.  As well as one of the largest warehouses full of car keys.


Our Infiniti car keys are of the highest quality and will meet or exceed OEM specs.  Call us or order online today!


If you are looking to replace your car key by VIN code online for your Isuzu then you have come to the right place!  Call us today!


Nothing quite quenches the thrill of driving a Jaguar but when you need a key who do you call?  Car Key Duplication!


Do you need a new car key?  We have a huge selection of Jeep keys and services.  Check out our website or give us a call.


With our cut car key by VIN for Kia’s, you will save time, money, and hassle of paying for ridiculous markups on keys and locksmiths refusing to cut a key supplied by you.

land rover

Looking for Land Rover keys?  Someone who can cut and ship you a new key directly to your mailbox?  Car Key Duplication has you covered!


You wouldn’t buy just any key online for your Lexus, would you?  A lot of keys online don’t work!  But with Car Key Duplication you can buy affordable and reliable keys.  


Buy Mazda car keys directly from us and shipped right to you!  Did you know we can even cut the key for you using your VIN?

mercedes benz

We offer Mercedes-Benz keys and services including cutting & programming.  Call us today!


With our Mitsubishi Car Key Duplication services, we can supply you with a new key and even cut it before shipping it to you.


Buy a new Nissan car key and to avoid having to find someone to cut you a new key.  We offer this service online by using your VIN code.


Replace car key by VIN number online for your Oldsmobile!  We also have a huge selection of car keys.


Need a new key for your Pontiac?  We have them!  On top of having a huge inventory we also can cut and ship you a new key!


Finding someone who has your Porsche car key can be frustrating but it doesn’t have to be!  Call, Car Key Duplication.

rolls royce

Ordering a Rolls Royce car key has never been easier!  You can easily replace your car key by VIN number online!  


Buy Saturn car keys online even pre-cut before it’s shipped!  Ordering car keys for your Saturn has never been easier!


Check out our huge inventory of Scion keys.  Need the key cut?  Use our VIN cut services and have it shipped right to you!


Replace your car key by VIN number online with our Suzuki car key services and products.


Our Subaru car keys and service can help provide a key and even cut it online!


Order Toyota keys online easily, simply choose your make, model, and year and order!


Buy Volkswagen car keys online and even have it cut online by your VIN code.


Our inventory of Volvo car keys is extremely vast!  But did you know you can order key cuts too?




Car Key Duplication – On Board Programming

As you can see from the video above an on board programming option isn’t really difficult and can be done yourself or by hiring a local locksmith and saving money on the key by ordering directly from us.

If your vehicle doesn’t offer on board programming we are happy to help you reach a licensed, insured, bonded, and vetted locksmith in your area that offers programming at a reasonable price..



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