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Do Car Keys Have Batteries?

Baremetal keys do not have batteries, however, key fobs do and most vehicles even warn you when the battery starts to die.  It’s pretty common for car key batteries to go bad in the keyfob style.  Some people wait until the battery dies then replace it and find that the key no longer works.  This can happen for many reasons and sometime the key will need to be reprogrammed or activated to your vehicle.  This really depends on your cars make, model, and year.  

Do Car Keys Have Batteries?  What About Transponder keys?

While transponder keys are digital and send a radio signal to the vehicle to make sure it’s not someone trying to steal your vehicle they do not contain any type of battery.  However, it’s always a good rule of thumb to have a spare key in the event that the key becomes non-functional, lost, or stolen.  This will ensure you aren’t stuck in an emergency situation looking for a locksmith frantically and hoping someone can show up right away.  So head over and order a new transponder key, many times you can duplicate your own key by yourself on a lot of vehicles makes and models.

Could It Just Be My Battery?

My car keys stopped working could it just be I need a new battery?  It could be, this can be the problem.  It’s best to change your car key fob battery before it stops working however if you waited until it no longer worked doesn’t mean changing it won’t fix it!  Maybe you didn’t even know the key had a battery which is why you landed here on “Do car keys have batteries?” Yes, they do!  Not all car keys but most of the newer ones do.  So change your batteries just as if you would a smoke detector and don’t let them die to ensure you don’t end up with bigger problems down the road.