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When it comes to GMB key fobs we have tons of them in stock.  Our huge inventory of GMB keys and products helps save you the time of having to search online for someone who has them.  We believe in not only being one of the biggest car key suppliers but saving you time and money by providing free resources, support, and superb customer service.  Our customer support team will even assist you with making sure you are ordering the correct key.



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GMC Transponder

Transponder keys look like a bare metal car key except they have a plastic top that contains a chip that communicates with your car ignition system.

GMC Service

Service cars usually located in the key fob casing and is used in the event that you have lost power to your vehicle or for some reason you can’t unlock your vehicle.

GMC Remote

Remote keys also known as key fobs are used with push to start vehicles.  No key is required to start the car and are becoming more and more common.

GMC Replacement Keys

As you can see we have a huge inventory of GMC replacement keys.  But by deciding to purchase from us shouldn’t only be based on the fact we have the key you need.  People tend to choose Car Key Duplication not only because we are one of the biggest car key suppliers but because of our customer service, support, and friendly staff.  Without our great employees, we wouldn’t be growing at the pace we are and we appreciate our employees and the great lengths they go to ensure each and every customer receives the best customer support possible.

Also, thank you!  Because without our customers none of this would be possible.  We provide the best GMC replacement keys available at affordable prices with unsurpassed customer service and look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Key Fobs For GMC Vehicles

What is a GMC key fob?  If you don’t use a key to start your GMC then you have a key fob.  This is pretty easy to determine if you have a push to start system inside your vehicle you have a GMC key fob.

Do your GMC key fobs come pre-programmed?  No, we can’t program your key fob remotely, you have to have access to the vehicle.  However, the majority of GMC vehicles if not all of them have onboard programming so depending on if you are duplicating a key or have a functioning key will depend on if you need to hire a locksmith to help or not.

GMC Key Cutting By VIN

Some vehicles require you to have a metal key for the ignition and if you do then a good share of the time you can use the onboard programming to program your new GMC key.  This is where our key cut by VIN service becomes a game changer!

If you just purchased your vehicle and only have one functioning key, you want a spare but don’t want to pay for a key, locksmith, programming, and a service call fee.  Don’t worry if this is the case you can order a key directly from us and use our cut by VIN service by supplying us with your vehicles VIN and proof of ownership.

  • Save time and money with our GMC key cut by VIN
  • Easily duplicate your GMC key
  • More affordable GMC keys
  • Fast, Easy, Affordable Shipping Options
  • Great customer service via phone, email, or chat
  • Chances are your key is in stock we have a huge inventory



Looking for an OEM GMC Key Fob?  No problem!  We carry a large selection of OEM GMC key fobs and with our huge inventory chances are we have it in stock.  We make it super easy to order the correct key, select your vehicle make, model, and year and wallah you just need to checkout. 



The company has its headquarters in Warren, Michigan, and is one of the largest producers of trucks in America. The company’s success has been due to their quality of service, reliability, and durability. The company produces its own parts to save a lot of money and makes it easy to buy the parts from dealers and wholesalers online. They also have a website where buyers can register and place orders for their trucks.


The GMC Canyon Truck is known to be an excellent and reliable truck that is not just capable of handling light-duty work handily but at the same time, it is also very fuel-efficient for your everyday commute. The Canyon truck is very capable of handling heavy loads too! 


The GMC Terrain can make your traveling much easier as it has been designed to fit functionality. The GMC Terrain also comes in both the SUV version and the truck version.


What’s the 2020 GMC Acadias all about? Well, the GMC Acadias of the future will include some of the same features as their current counterparts, but there will also be a few key differences. This isn’t just because the company is constantly trying to outpace its competition, but because the company wants to offer a car that appeals to people of all kinds. They’ll want a vehicle that is both practical and stylish, and the Acadia certainly fits into both categories.

Savana Cargo

The GMC Savana was designed with a purpose – to meet the needs of the new generation. This vehicle was designed to be an all-around vehicle that will satisfy the needs of all generations. In addition, the GMC Savana also has been designed to be a vehicle that will be easy to care for, as well as to use, no matter what style or brand of vehicle you drive. 


The Yukon is a four-door vehicle that is great for all of the family to enjoy. The Yukon has all of the great features and great performance that any family could ask for while still being a very affordable vehicle. 


The GMC Sierra pickup trucks have a very unique look that many people love to possess. If you want to have a very classy truck, then you should choose a GMC. They now offer much better and more reliable vehicles that are also of excellent quality. 

GMC Key Fob Programming

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish with GMC key fob programming such as duplicate key, lost all keys, or something else will depend on whether you need to hire a locksmith or not.  We offer instructions on how to program your GMC key fob.  Most GMC vehicles offer onboard programming which in most scenarios you can program your own key.

If by chance you aren’t comfortable with performing the GMC key fob programming yourself then we have a network of local locksmiths that are vetted and screened that’s growing nationwide day by day.

  • Easily duplicate GMC key fobs
  • Save time & money by doing it yourself
  • If you can’t perform the GMC key fob programming reach out to us we work with vetted and screened locksmiths nationwide.


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180 day replacement guarantee.

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