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With Honda car key duplication services rest assured you will always have a working set of car keys.  It’s much easier and less expensive to make a duplicate Honda key vs regular car key programming.  With our massive inventory of car keys, we have the one you need and most likely it will be in stock.  With the trusted name of Car Key Duplication, your order will be handled in a timely, professional, and fast shipping method.



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Honda Car Key Duplication

Honda Models That We Provide Keys & Services For:

One of the things you should research before purchasing a new vehicle is knowing what kind of car keys the vehicle requires. These days it is important to keep track of all the different models and makes of cars out there on the road. Keys for the Honda Civic and other models are no exception. Honda has a huge selection of different transponder keys, remotes, and fobs. You can find them at local dealerships, online auto specialty shops, and on many other sites.  However, many of them are selling fake keys, non-programmable types, and ones that don’t even go to your car.  Here at Car Key Duplication rest assured we are selling high-quality, programmable, and keys that work!

Remotes and transponder keys for your Honda vehicle truck or van can be found quite easily as well. There are many different types of these, including key fobs that you attach to the steering column. This allows you to drive your car without the need to have the fob installed in the steering column. Also available is a remote key fob that can also be mounted in a convenient place on your dashboard.

If you’re looking to find the best keys for your Civic, look for one that meets all the needs of your Honda.

Why We Are the Best in Car Key Duplication?

One of the reasons people choose Car Key Duplication to purchase keys and have car key programming performed for them by one of our vetted, licensed, and insured locksmith techs over ordering from an online marketplace is we sell real keys!  Fully programmable and our locksmith partners will still warranty the service by using our keys.  Some keys being sold online are not real!  Whaaat!?  Yes, some of them can’t be programmed or simply are the wrong key that is cheaper and then calling it the key you are looking for!  Why would they do this?  To make money and they aren’t really putting their name on it, it’s being sold by a third party the online marketplace.  This is why a lot of locksmiths refuse to program keys that customers have purchased online due to wasting time and customers refusing to pay after the service is performed.  It’s also hard to know is it the locksmith?  Or the key?  With Honda Car Key Duplication, you are getting legit keys and reputable locksmith service providers.  Call us or order your keys today.

Would you like to talk to one of our locksmiths and ask questions or your concerns ?

Our Honda Car Key Duplication specialists are standing by to take your call.  We are happy to ensure you order the right key and even offer customer support.  Give us a call today!

Honda Car Key Duplication

You probably purchased a Honda because they are dependable vehicles that are built to last.  So why would you even consider purchasing a cheap knock off when it comes to a new car key?  You want it to last right?  With our Honda Car Key Duplication service you know you are getting quality.

Don’t trust just any locksmith with your Honda Car Key Duplication needs, you need a true professional selling legit Honda car Keys. 

Honda Fob Key & Remote Service Start in Car Key Duplication

We have a large selection of Honda key fobs for the push to start vehicles.  These types of keys most certainly will need programming.  Just need a spare?  Then you need Honda Car Key Duplication, with our team of locksmith providers that have teamed up with us you will know you are getting a vetted licensed, insured, true professional that can help you with that!

Car Key Duplication is your number one source for your Honda!  Call us or order today!

Honda Ignition Repair and Replacement

Is your Honda Ignition acting up?  Does your car key randomly stop working?  It might be your ignition that is the problem.  You need a good Honda ignition repair service, which includes a new set of keys and programming.  Don’t worry our Honda Car Key Duplication service providers offer this service as well!

Your Car Key Duplication Service & Key Source For Honda’s

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180 day replacement guarantee.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed