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Options For Programming A Key Or Remote

Don’t stress if you need to program your car key. Virtually every vehicle manufactured past 2000 has transponder anti-theft systems installed at the factory. So while you may be able to order the key you need online, getting the blade cut, and the chip programmed is the real expense and problem.

Luckily there are several options for how to get your car key programmed, so it can start your engine.

  • Renting A Key Programmer Online.
  • Towing The Vehicle To A Locksmith/Dealership.
  • Hiring A Mobile Locksmith.
  • Driving To The Dealership/Locksmith (If you already have a key).

There are some exceptions on if you will need a programmer. Kia’s, Hyundai’s, and Chevrolet/GM vehicles can be the exception.

Ford Car Key Replaced

For Kia or Hyundai vehicles, if your key has a push-to-start, it will require programming. If it is a key you insert in the ignition, it is possible your vehicle may not have an anti-theft system. Contact the parts department of a car Kia/Hyundai dealership and they can help you confirm if it does or not by providing your VIN.

For Chevrolet or General Motors vehicles, they almost always have an On-Board Programming procedure to allow you to program new cut keys or spare cut keys without any special equipment. Our company will always provide support to our customers for any Onboard programming procedures for remotes or keys.

Most of these European vehicles like BMW, Audi, & VW have more involved programming steps involved, that will require special knowledge, electronic equipment, and tools to program a key. It is advised you contact a professional locksmith, or research further before attempting.

Ford Car Key Replaced

Programming Remotes/Keyless Entry

When you purchase a key with buttons on it, also called a remote or FOB, the buttons will require programming. The programming procedure is different depending on your vehicle’s year, make, model, and even type of key! Some vehicles require special programming tools to program the remotes. It is advised you look for online onboard programming steps for your specific vehicle to see if it is possible. If you need further assistance, contact us today and we can help you!

How Long Does It Take To Program A Key?

Programming time depends on the make, model, and year of the vehicle. If the key you’re programming has buttons, it will take longer. In general, it takes 10-15 minutes to program most keys. However, there are exceptions to this and some vehicles can take several hours to program a key.

Overall this will be another thing to consider if you are replacing your key, and you will need to research further to know exactly what equipment you’ll need to program your key.