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#1 Largest Inventory of Car Keys now in Lawrence, Indiana

Our upfront key programming or cutting costs are quite low compared to our competitors. We give our customers the freedom to compare the prices before hiring us.

24/7 Car Key Duplication Locksmith Services

The Affordability Factor

We offer multiple in-store pickup locations if you would prefer getting yours immediately. Otherwise, our next day shipping is extremely popular. If you are in need of new keys for your vehicle, or if you need to have them reprogrammed, our business can do this for you and more. Whether you need standard keys, or if you need to have onboard programming done, our locksmiths will know exactly what to do. Our objective is to ensure that every customer is provided with optimal services and the lowest prices in the industry for this type of service.

Key Programming

We are locksmiths and have decades of combined experience in the industry. Using this experience, we have made it easy for anyone to buy duplicate car key or remote for their vehicle. 

Lost Keys?

In such cases, you can just buy the key and follow the instructions provided in our on-board programming guide specific to your vehicle and you will have a duplicate car key in no time. The other option is to schedule an in-store pick up from one of our multiple locations.

Remote Keys

We are proud of our easy-to-use key database and large inventory which allows us to provide affordable replacement car keys and remotes to our customers. We take great pride in our exceptional customer service and affordable options for aftermarket and OEM keys.

Preserves you from uncertainty

24/7 Car Key Duplication Locksmith Services

Our business not only duplicate standard car keys, but we can program keys if that is what is needed. We can also do the key cut prior to sending any customer a key. That is why many people will use our services. We also offer a huge inventory of keys to choose from. Our goal is to make this as easy as possible for our current and new customers. The highest quality keys are used, along with state-of-the-art duplication and programming services, ensuring that the job is done right.

You can also have them programmed, right at our store, or we could do a service call and do it for you at your location. The objective is to make your experience with our business as seamless as possible. Regardless of the type of key you need to have duplicated or programmed, we will know exactly how to perform this task. All of this is also done for a very reasonable cost, a cost that is extremely competitive.

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