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Key Stuck In Ignition

When you find your key stuck in ignition problem is getting worst or just completely stops working it can be difficult finding who can help resolve this problem.  So we created this step by step process to help you resolve your keys are stuck in the ignition problem!

The Key Is Stuck In My Ignition

Sometimes it’s a simple fix and other times its a bigger problem whether it be the key is so worn out or damaged and won’t release the wafers in the ignition.  Then sometimes it’s even worse and you have a faulty ignition and needs rebuilt and/or replaced.

key stuck in ignition

Solutions For “Ignition Key Stuck”


When your ignition key is stuck your heart starts beating faster, panic starts to set in, and you get this unbelievable gut-wrenching feeling.  This is understandable because it usually happens at the most inconvenient time possible.  Maybe you have even called several locksmiths, mechanics, and auto repair techs to see if they can help resolve the problem to only find each one refers you to the other industry.  Maybe it’s time to replace your ignition, check out our Honda ignition repair kits!

This is extremely frustrating!  However, there is a simple solution that just requires a small amount of work and we can help retrieve your key from your ignition.

First Things To Try To Resolve Key Stuck In Ignition

1) The very first thing you should check and try is to make sure if you have an automatic vehicle that it’s in park.  If your vehicle is not in park then your key will remain stuck in the ignition.

2) When you find your ignition key stuck you can try to jiggle your key a little bit while slowly turning the wheel left and right.  Whatever you do, do not try to force the key as odds are you will end up breaking the key off in the ignition which can cause further damage and cost more money and/or time.

3) Check your ignition key and make sure it’s not getting stuck due to buildup on the key.  Maybe you opened a box with your key and some tape, residue, pieces of cardboard are stuck on the key.  Take a damp cloth and try to remove it.  If that doesn’t remove all the residue then you should get some adhesive cleaner and slowly buff off the build up or residue.

4) Try hooking up some jumper cables, battery pack, or installing a new battery!  Some vehicles require the battery for your ignition switch to function properly.

5) Try sneaking some DW-40 inside the ignition, while you may not be able to get it to squirt directly into the ignition you can sometimes get some to squirt in on the side of the key.  Doing this and then slowly jiggling the key and steering wheel while gently pulling on the key can sometimes release it.

6) Sometimes your key has worn down or taken damage over the years and can cause one of the tumblers to get stuck on the key and in this event if the above hasn’t worked, may require a more intrusive approach and depending on your experience you may want to hire a locksmith.

7) If nothing has worked so far to help to resole your key stuck in ignition problem then you might have a faulty ignition.  In this event you can either replace the ignition on your own or hire someone to do it for you.  Remember if you replace your ignition the key code on file will no longer work for your vehicle.  Unless you hire us or another locksmith to rekey your ignition to match the OEM key code.



Key Stuck In Ignition Battery Dead

When your key is stuck in ignition battery dead situation arises.  The best solution is to hook up a battery pack, jumper cables, and/or replace the batter with a fully charged one.  Some vehicles ignitions require the battery to operate.

Key Stuck In Ignition Chevy

When searching for solutions to “key stuck in ignition Chevy” you will find some very crazy solutions that no way work!  We discuss the most common faults and how to resolve them.

If you haven’t already done so try the tips above.


Don't Forget To Check The Release Button

If your key is stuck in the ignition don’t overlook the small things like the little small release button.

Sometimes small solutions are fixes for big problems.

How You Can Fix Your Ignition When My Key Stuck In Ignition Situation Arises

my key stuck in ignition

Replacing A Faulty Ignition

Sometimes you just need to replace the ignition.  We offer rekeying services you can unhook your old ignition and ship it to us and we will make sure we rebuild it to the OEM specs meaning in the future if you ever need a key cut by VIN it will still work with the key code on file.  Also, that way in the event you had a brand new key cut it will still work with the vehicle ignition and not just have ended up being wasted money.

“What If I can’t uninstall my vehicles ignition?”  You can hire a mobile mechanic to do so and still ship us the vehicle’s ignition and we can ship it back and you can have the mechanic re-install it without having to get into the technical end of things that most mechanics can’t do.


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 Step One

When you find yourself in a key stuck in ignition situation always check the obvious simple things first such as make sure you are in park, battery, and release button on ignition.

 Step Two

If you have checked the simple obvious things then it’s time to check the less likely things that can cause key stuck in ignition.  Because some vehicles you have to have a good charged car battery for the ignition to function properly.

With that said you should make sure the car battery is up to par, by either connecting a battery charger, battery pack, jumper cables, or replacing the battery with a fresh charged new one.  If that doesn’t work continue reading.

 Step Three

If you have exhausted all of the resources above.  Then it most likely is one of two things and that is either the key is so worn out that it won’t release due to being stuck on the wafers.  Otherwise it may be a faulty ignition.

key stuck in the cars ignition

 Step Four

After you know it isn’t one of the things mentioned above and you have a new key that isn’t worn out and/or has been cleaned of any buildup, sticky stuff, or residue and you still experience issues.  Then odds are you have a bad ignition and/or ignition lock.  However, generally speaking it’s the ignition.


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key stuck in ignition of vehicle

Will Replacing The Ignition Fix My Key Stuck In Ignition Problem?

Odds are yes!  However, keep in mind that if you replace your ignition that your old key will not match the ignition anymore.  Some ignitions come with a new key so you won’t have to worry about the old key stuck in ignition.  Alternatively, our key stuck in ignition service allows you to ship us your cars ignition even with the key stuck in it and we can remove the key, rebuild or replace the ignition and you won’t need to reprogram the car key as it will still be programmed to the vehicle.  If you want we can even cut a new key for you and take the transponder chip out of your old key and insert it into the new key thus keeping the programming.

Also if it’s the OEM ignition we can rekey the new ignition to match so in the event you lose all your keys and you need the cuts from the VIN they will still match the code on file vs replacing it to a new key cut.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Key Stuck In Ignition

Do You Provide Local Services For Key Stuck In Ignition?

We have locations throughout the entire USA and can most likely help with this service.  However, if not you can hire a local mechanic, handyman, or someone else to remove the ignition and ship it to us and have them put it back in for you.

Can't I just Pay The Dealership To Do This?

Yes, but the dealership is notorious for being overpriced.  Also, they tend to make you wait for a long time.  With our key stuck in ignition service, you can order it from the convenience of your home.

Why Not Just Pay A Local Locksmith?

You can order the key stuck in ignition service and have a local locksmith remove your ignition and then you can ship it to us.  We will rekey it and rebuild or ignition and/or we can replace it and rekey it.  The main reason is most local locksmiths aren’t going to do this.  They will use the new key and thus your vehicle has a key for the door and one for the ignition.  Also, in the future if you ever need your key code by VIN it will not work with your ignition as it’s been replaced with a new key code.

Do You Offer Fast Shipping Options?
Yes, we can cut and ship your key very fast with very little downtime depending on your selection.
Can You Just Ship Me A New Ignition That's Ready To Be Installed Matching My Existing Key?

Absolutely, it’s an option in the service and either you will have to supply a picture of a spare key to the vehicle or select rekey by VIN as an option and we will ship you an ignition rekeyed to your key code on file via your VIN.

Check Out The Vehicles We Offer Keys & Services For:


Essentially an Acura is a Honda and they are prone to get their keys stuck in the ignition.  Don’t worry a fix is just an order away!


The Flaw in all the switches (old, new, factory or aftermarket) is free space which allows the small piston to move out of position. 


Don’t spend all day at the dealership overpaying for your key stuck in ignition problem.  Instead, use Car Key Duplication!


If you are experiencing a key stuck in your ignition on a Buick make sure it isn’t the wire by the shifter it’s a common problem.


Remove your steering wheel plastic covers. When the bottom cover is fully removed. You should see a silver/platinum circle it has a small silver little thin plate under it. Stick 2 pennies in between the silver little plate and the circle.  This will temporarily release the key until you can use our key stuck in ignition service.


They do commonly have keys get stuck in their ignitions.  But also are known to have a bad shifter switch that can mimick a bad ignition.


With Chrysler it’s not a common problem to have a key get stuck in the ignition but it does happen.


With Dodge sometimes they do have bad ignitions but also sometimes it’s the shifter or shifter cable.


Key stuck in ignition on these vehicles is typically a drained battery.


It’s hard to say if it’s common to get the key stuck in the ignition as they are very popular vehicles.


Looking for “key stuck in ignition service?” Well, you found it we also offer GMC car key cutting and even supply high-quality keys.


These vehicles are known to have ignition problems and it’s common for the key to get stuck in the ignition.


It’s tough to know if they are common to have key stuck in ignition problems or the fact that they have more traditional ignitions vs other cars.


Infiniti ignitions aren’t very common of having issues but even cars that don’t have common problems can fail.


These vehicles can have issues with key and ignitions.  They will need repaired or replaced most likely.


Nothing quite quenches the thrill of driving a Jaguar but when you need a ignition repair who do you call?  Car Key Duplication!


Do you have a key stuck in your ignition?  Need help, choose Car Key Duplication!


With Kia you may need your ignition repaired or replaced to fix the key issue.

land rover

When your Land Rover key is stuck in ignition you need a true professional!


You wouldn’t trust just anyone to fix your ignition for your Lexus, would you?  A lot of keys online don’t work!  But with Car Key Duplication you can buy affordable and reliable keys.


Buy Mazda key stuck in ignition service directly from us and shipped right to you!  Did you know we can even cut the key for you using your VIN?

mercedes benz

We offer Mercedes-Benz keys and services including cutting & programming.  Call us today!


With our Mitsubishi Car Key Duplication services, we can supply you with a new ignition rekeyed and matching your previous programming.


If your car key is stuck in your ignition it’s probably time to repair or replace it!


It’s not uncommon for Oldsmobile ignitions to experience a key stuck at some point.  We recommened repairing your ignition switch.


When your key ist stuck in ignition of your Pontiac.  It’s typically the ignition switch needs repaired or replaced.


Finding someone who has your Porsche car key can be frustrating but it doesn’t have to be!  Call, Car Key Duplication.

rolls royce

Ordering a Rolls Royce car key has never been easier!  You can easily repair your key being stuck with our services.


Buy Saturn car keys online even pre-cut before it’s shipped!  Ordering a precoded ignition has never been easier.


Check out our huge inventory of Scion keys.  Need the key cut?  If your key is stuck use Car Key Duplication to resolve it.


Replace or repair your cars ignition?  This particular make it’s debatable.


Our Subaru car keys and service can help provide a key and even cut it online!


Order Toyota ignitions online easily, simply choose your make, model, and year and order!


Buy Volkswagen ignitions online and even have it pre-coded to match.  This will release the stuck key.


Our inventory of Volvo car keys is extremely vast!  But did you know we can resolve key stuck in ignition too!




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