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Locksmith Near To Me

When searching for a locksmith near to me, you will notice a lot of directories, garbage results, and just not beneficial websites.  Here at Car Key Duplication, we believe in providing the entire USA licensed, insured, and bonded locksmiths.  So rest assured when you find us by searching locksmith near to me, you won’t just be getting a great deal but the highest quality service possible!

Car Locksmith Near To Me

Finding a reliable locksmith near to me can be a daunting task.  But it doesn’t have to be!  We will discuss things to avoid when hiring a locksmith near to me.  There are a lot of scammers that aren’t even locksmiths that will charge you prices that are far beyond the average.  But how do  you weed out the scammers from the real locksmiths?  Continue reading and we will explain the process to finding and hiring the very best locksmith near to me.

locksmiths near to me

Tips & Tricks To Hiring The Best Locksmith Near To Me


The very first thing you want to do when searching for locksmith near to me is to evaluate their website are they showing they are BBB accredited?  Links to other authority sources?  Do they really exist on these platforms?  Also, verify they are licensed in the area.  Once you have established these things then you can start calling the locksmiths near to me on your list.  When asking about pricing you need to be very specific on what you are needing, where you are located, and that they are including their service call fee and everything in the quote.

When a locksmith quotes a price let’s say $89 make sure you ask does that include the service call fee and is the total including all taxes and fees?  If they respond no the service call fee is (any price) that is not a good sign.  As they already tried to sneak in an extra fee, what else are they willing to do when they are on-site or have completed the work at hand?  A lot of the time when they quote a low $29 this is only for the service call fee.  Personally, I would avoid any company not being completely transparent.  Any real locksmith company should be more than willing to explain in depth how long the process takes, what type of solutions they can provide, and which method they are going to use to resolve your problem.  With transparency comes trust, seldom problems, and helps relieve any type of communication errors that go wrong with these shady locksmiths near to me companies.   

First Things First, Verify Before Hiring A Locksmith Near To Me

1) Verify they are indeed licensed, insured, experienced, and bonded.  Nobody wants an inexperienced locksmith coming out and causing damage to their property.  Especially since most of the unlicensed companies are also uninsured.  Which puts you, your family, and property at risk.  If they mess up and end up damaging your property and/or improperly install a security device it could put you at risk of theft, vandalism, and/or security risks.

2) Are they upfront and honest?  Start by asking what the job is going to cost.  After they have responded verify that includes everything even the service call.  If they say no, or say another number with the service call I would avoid this company as they are not transparent.  They already tried to take you for more money and haven’t even showed up or booked the call.

3) Do they have a real locksmith shop?  While some mobile only locksmiths can be great, a good share of them are fake.  If there ever is a problem you don’t even have an address of where they do business or any other form of contact other than via the phone.  While this one isn’t always important it does make a difference.

4) Not all locksmith near to me companies are equal.  Some charge more, others less, and the scammers try to take you for everything they possibly can.  Sometimes they quote replacing your smart key for your vehicle show up add on a service call fee, more for the emergency key and even more if you want it cut.  Oh, your car is locked?  Well it’s $300 to unlock it, these are common practices amongst the not so reputable locksmiths if you can call them that.

5) Do they background check their employees?  If the answer is no, then you have to wonder what type of person might be coming to help you in the middle of the night, in your home, in charge of your locks.  Also, if they answer yes ask for the technicians first and last name as you can perform your own search to see if the person really exists, has a background of criminal activity etc..

6) Ask if they have all the info they need and if they want your vehicle VIN number, brand of lock, etc… so they can double check that the key/lock they are discussing over the phone is specific to your home and/or vehicle.  This can help eliminate any possible excuses such as:  “We didn’t know your car was a push to start vehicle” or “This isn’t the brand of lock we discussed over the phone”.  Which can help not only eliminate scammers but possible communication errors that can occur even with reputable locksmiths near to me companies.

7) You will notice when talking to some locksmiths that all of these questions will trigger them to basically hurry and try to get off the phone with you because they now see you as a person that will be harder to scam.  The very last thing I suggest asking, Is this for repairing the problem or replacing it?  This will help eliminate more confusion because if you were quoted what you seemed like was high and has to be for a brand new one and then they just repair it, well you may have been scammed.



Automotive Locksmiths

A true car locksmith company has the tools, expertise, keys, and locks to perform the task at hand.  Generally at your location or theirs.  Make sure to ask if they have the key you need in stock be specific how many buttons, FCC, and as much info as possible.

Residential Locksmith Service

When choosing a residential locksmith near to me service you should make sure they have the specific lock, keys, and/or tools to do the job.  It doesn’t hurt to verify and ask even over the phone if they have a particular lock in stock or if they need to order it in to perform the job.


Safes & Lockboxes

If you are locked out of your safe or lockbox, you should make sure you are hiring a reputable locksmith.  Also, ask if they are going to damage the safe by opening it or if they are able to open by other means.  That way there is no confusion on what method they are going to have to use.

What Type Of Service Does Locksmith Near To Me Offer?

locksmith near to me closest

Finding A Locksmith Near To Me

Sometimes this can even be difficult depending on where you live.  The closest locksmith might be 30+ miles away or in some cases we have seen some remote places be over 100+ miles from a locksmith.  If this is the case then we have some options available that can save you time, money, and travel such as our Cut By VIN services.


We accept all major credit cards

Commercial Locksmith

This consists of lock changes, rekeys, duplicates, and/or master keys & locks.  Another popular commercial locksmith service demand is access control, push bars, and security systems for your commercial property.

commercial locksmith near me

24 Hour Locksmith Service

Another thing to keep in mind when searching for a locksmith near to me is are they open?  Nothing is more frustrating than needing a locksmith to find they are closed.  Which is why using a 24 hour locksmith service is definitely the way to go when it’s after hours for most of the other locksmiths in the area.

Car Lockout

If you find yourself in a car lockout situation then you should hire a reputable car locksmith near to me provider.  They can certainly help you get your vehicle unlocked.

key stuck in the cars ignition

Rekey Lock Near Me

There are many reasons why you may need a rekey service such as you just purchased a new home, someone has access to your key, stolen keys, and much more.  Searching the generic term “locksmith near to me” will yield lots of results but narrowing it down by rekey lock near me will give you more specific locksmiths that specialize in rekeying your locks whether that be residential, commercial, and/or automotive.


Car Key duplication provides all types of keys

get your vehicle key sent directly to you

key stuck in ignition of vehicle

How Much Does A Locksmith Near To Me Cost?

This is a very good question, while there are many variables we will discuss a lot of the national averages. The national average which takes in account large populated cities down to rural America and then averaged.  But the hourly wage of a locksmith during normal business hours is around $50-100 per hour, after hours is generally $75-125 per hour.

When hiring a locksmith near to me for a car lockout the average is around $60-100. Rekeying a car is usually around $89-600 depending on how many locks, the type of system, and if all your vehicle locks need rekeyed and/or replaced.

 Auto key making is generally $89-800 depending on the vehicle, make, model, and year and should include key cutting, programming, and syncing to the vehicle.  Service fee of a locksmith is generally $29-89 and can be higher after hours and distance from their shop to your location.

 Safe unlocking is generally around $69-500 and depends on the size of the safe, brand, and type of lock that needs cracked and or invasively unlocked.


Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring A Locksmith Near To Me

Do Locksmiths Have To Be Licensed To Show Up On Google Maps?

No, there have been news reports after news reports of fake scamming locksmiths.

Why A Locksmith Near Me To Instead Of The Dealership?

Well by hiring the dealership you will pay anywhere between 2-5 times the cost on just the key.  Also they charge more than most locksmiths near to me to program car keys as well.

How To Locate A Locksmith Near To Me?

There are many ways to locate a locksmith near to me.  By searching Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yelp, and other sources.  The phonebook, yes if you have one of those that can work as well!  Word of mouth, or FaceBook, however, the best way is to do a search on the search engine of your liking and follow the steps and guides to eliminate scammers that we discussed previously on this page.

I Can't Find Any Locksmith Near Me?

Depending on what you need done we may be able to help with things such as our Cut Key By Vin service, ignition rekey, and we even rent automotive key programmers which all can be done without leaving the comfort of your home.

Should I Hire The First Locksmith Near To Me I find?

Absolutely not, you should call at least 2-3 different locksmiths and ask about pricing, procedure, timeframe, and experience.  You wouldn’t hire the first surgeon you found to do open heart surgery and you shouldn’t when it comes to hiring a locksmith near to me, either.

Locksmiths Near To Me – Vehicles Serviced:


Essentially an Acura is a Honda and so if you can’t find a Honda locksmith near to me try searching Acura and vise versus.


Finding an Audi locksmith near you might be difficult but there are lots of them out there so either give us a call or keep on searching. 


Having a hard time finding a BMW locksmith?  Especially one near you?  Reach out to us we can help, leave us a voicemail if too busy to answer.


Looking for a Buick locksmith near to me?  Well you have found several!  Give us a call or shoot us a message and we would be happy to assist you.


Not finding a Cadillac locksmith close to you?  Shoot us an email we can help!


Searching for a Chevy locksmith?  Our techs are all equipped to handle Chevrolet key programming and more.


With Chrysler it’s not a common problem to have a key get stuck in the ignition but it does happen.


Can’t find a Dodge locksmith near you?  Well you are in luck because we have Dodge locksmiths all over the USA.


Trying to find a Fiat locksmith near me, can be a bit tricky!  A lot of locksmiths don’t work on Fiat but odds are we can help!


We have Ford locksmith techs standing by and odds are we have one near you!


GMC is a huge manufacture and chances are there are lots of GMC locksmiths near to me.


Finding a Honda locksmith near you shouldn’t be a hard task they are very common.


Locating a Hyundai locksmith doesn’t have to be hard.  We are just one call or email away!


Finding a reputable and honest Infiniti locksmith doesn’t have to be difficult.


When you can’t locate an Isuzu locksmith near you then you should contact us.


Nothing quite quenches the thrill of driving a Jaguar but when you need a Jaguar locksmith who do you call?  Car Key Duplication!


You might be searching for a Jeep locksmith near to me and finding very few results that’s where Car Key Duplication comes in!


A lot of locksmiths can program keys for Kia but if you are having trouble finding one near you then shoot us an email or call us today.

land rover

A Land Rover locksmith near me can be hard to locate.  However, we can help!


Looking for a Lexus locksmith near me, can be a little difficult as not many locksmiths work on these vehicles.


Mazda locksmith near to me?  Yes, we have locksmiths standing by to assist you nationwide!

mercedes benz

We offer Mercedes-Benz keys and services including cutting & programming.  Call us today!


With our Mitsubishi Car Key Duplication services, we can supply you with a Mitsubishi locksmith near you, today!


We have nationwide Nissan locksmiths standing by to help you with all your key and car key programming needs!


Helping located an Oldsmobile locksmith that is reputable, reliable, honest, and upfront each and everyday.


Locating a Pontiac locksmith near you isn’t a difficult task but if we can’t find one near you then we have other options.


Sick of calling every locksmith near to me, to discover they don’t work on Porsche?  Call or shoot us an email.

rolls royce

Ordering a Rolls Royce car key has never been easier!  You can easily repair your key being stuck with our services.


Buy Saturn car keys online even pre-cut before it’s shipped!  Ordering a precoded ignition has never been easier.


Check out our huge inventory of Scion keys.  Need the key cut?  If your key is stuck use Car Key Duplication to resolve it.


We have Suzuki locksmiths that can handle it all!


When you need a Subaru locksmith near to me, and can’t find anyone close?  Give us a call today!


We have a huge selection of Toyota car keys, programmers, and options.  If you can’t find a Toyota locksmith near you we can help!


Another tough find is a Volkswagen locksmith near me that can actually help you!  Most locksmiths say no.


Our Volvo locksmiths have everything you need to cut, program and duplicate your car key!

Locksmith Near Me Auto

The obvious reason to hire a locksmith near me Auto is because you don’t want to have to tow the vehicle to the dealer or mechanic.  Also, if you are locked out of your vehicle well it doesn’t make much sense to have it towed to be unlocked.  Another reason people try to find a locksmith near them is to locate the closest one which should help reduce the service call, not always but sometimes this is true.  When you need to hire a locksmith near me auto, you should consider hiring Car Key Duplication for all of your automotive locksmith needs.




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