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Metal car Keys

Looking to purchase metal car keys online?  Have an older car that takes a metal car key?  These are non-chipped keys that were used prior to transponder & proximity car keys (keyless remote fobs).

Non transponder key replacement

car ignition key replacement

Metal car keys are pure metal not to be confused with a transponder key which has a plastic casing around the top.  Some of the keys with the thick plastic casing on top are actually car transponder keys.  This means they have a chip inside them that communicates with the car’s security system and a metal car key cut to your specific vehicle will unlock your cars however, they will not start the car without a transponder key chip programmed to your vehicle.

Real metal car keys are also used even on new vehicles that use a proximity key (remote style, push to start vehicles).  The service key is typically located inside the remote fob.

Would you like to talk to one of our metal car key specialists and ask questions?

Car Key duplication is the people’s choice for metal car keys, transponder keys, and proximity keys. 

Tips on buying metal car keys

The place to buy car keys online

The most important thing when it comes to buying metal car keys is to ensure it truly is a metal key and not a transponder or proximity key.  Because you could end up ordering a service key when you really need a transponder key that needs to be programmed.  So to avoid confusion you should give us a call if you don’t find your specific make/model/year under the key search so we can ensure you get the correct key.

Our second recommendation is if you have a rare key that nobody carries that you order more than just one.  In the event, you find yourself in an emergency lockout or key issue situation that nobody carriers locally then you won’t have to wait for the key to arrive because you will have a copy.


  1. You will need proof of vehicle ownership if you use our cut by VIN key copy service this can be vehicle registration, insurance. You will also need to provide a copy of a valid drivers licensed or identification.
  2. Make sure you indeed need a bare metal car key vs a transponder key.
  3. Either call us to place an order or do it online via our website.
  4. Our customer support team is standing by to help assist you with your metal car key purchase, simply pick up the phone and give us a call.
  5. Save money by purchasing direct vs paying markup through locksmiths or car dealerships.
  6. Either order a key blank (non-cut) or try out our cut by VIN service and have the correct key already cut shipped directly to you.
  7. All our car keys can be ordered without leaving your house which is super convenient!

Buy metal car keys online

Car keys shipped directly to your home!

One of the many reasons people choose to buy metal car keys online is because it’s super convenient.  You don’t have to go searching for somewhere that has your key in stock.  No need to hire a locksmith who may try to rip you off or quote you low on the phone and charge you high.

Eliminate extra steps such as calling a locksmith to find out he has to order the key and then they forget about you and you are stuck waiting on them and guessing if it’s them, the mail carrier, or supplier that is taking so long.

Save money by ordering directly from us you will avoid paying markup from the locksmith or car dealer.  Also, you may save money on a possible locksmith service call for them coming out and not having your key and ordering it.  Some locksmiths will charge you for two service calls.

Keep it simple, with a couple of clicks of the mouse you could have your metal car keys shipped directly to you.

Car Key duplication provides all types of keys

get your vehicle key sent directly to you

manual cutting metal car keys is over

Not very long ago locksmiths were cutting metal car keys by hand.  This was a long and grueling process that took a lot of time.  Also, the keys weren’t perfect like worn keys you sometimes had to give your key a little jiggle for it to work correctly.

With technology new key cutting machines were born that allowed keys to be copied using another working key.  But what about when you lost all keys?  Well, technology also has come a long way and even those codes can be put in and the machine can make precision metal car keys.

Ordering bare metal car keys

If you are simply looking for a bare metal car key blank then you can find the one you are looking for and place in your cart and check out.

Unsure of which key you need then give us a call and are happy to help in assisting you with your order.  Including making sure it’s the correct one for your specific vehicle.

Do you want a precut key?  Then you need to select our Cut By Vin service versus just ordering a key blank.  Our car key cut by Vin service includes the key and cutting.

Save some time, money, and enjoy the convenience of ordering your metal car keys or any other car key directly from us vs paying a locksmith for them to order it for you and charge you for their time, part markup, and shipping.

Do I Need A Bare Metal Car Key?

If you have an older vehicle without a chipped key then yes.  Alternatively, people buy service keys because even the newer vehicles have metal car keys inside the key fob which is often referenced as a service key.  While these keys will not start your vehicle they will unlock your car.  

Also, these keys are used to initiate your onboard programming if your vehicle is equipped with it.  



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