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Mobile Locksmith

Looking for a mobile locksmith?  No need to continue searching you have found the best mobile locksmith service provider.  All of our mobile locksmiths are licensed, insured, and bonded.

Mobile Locksmith

Looking for a mobile locksmith?  No need to continue searching you have found the best mobile locksmith service provider.  All of our mobile locksmiths are licensed, insured, and bonded.

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Mobile Locksmiths

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Why A Mobile Locksmith?

You may be wondering why would you want to hire a mobile locksmith?  Some of these benefits include not having to tow your vehicle, locked out of your vehicle, and/or have lost all working keys.  It is much more difficult and costly to have to tow a vehicle that you are locked out of or have lost all working keys vs hiring a mobile locksmith.  These are not the only reasons of course but is some of the primary reasons people choose to hire a mobile locksmith.

Do Your Locksmiths Carry Keys & Locks On Their Vans?

While our mobile locksmiths are basically like a mobile warehouse on wheels they carry most of the common keys, remotes, and even smart keys.  Some doorknobs, deadbolts, tools, and never carry more than $20 in change for their safety.  While we don’t have everything for every job on our vans our mobile locksmiths can replenish their supplies via our locations all across the USA.

Can your mobile locksmiths cut a key at my location?  Absolutely, we have power supplies in our vehicles and can cut and program a key on the spot.

What if your mobile locksmith doesn’t have a key I need in their van stock?  Then we can typically get the key from one of our many stores nationwide and worst case scenario we can get you a new car key in around 24-48 hours from one of our distribution warehouses.

Why wouldn’t I just go to a storefront vs a mobile locksmith?  Our locksmith storefronts serve a good purpose when it comes to car key duplication but if you have lost all your keys or locked yourself out it’s not very ideal to tow your vehicle, not only will it cost you more money it’s also a hassle that isn’t worth doing over a small service fee.

Are your mobile locksmiths available 24 hours a day?  We have 24 hour locksmiths available to assist you all across the United States.


Why a mobile locksmith?

A Mobile Locksmith At Your Service

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Car Locksmith Service

Mobile Locksmiths

What is a mobile locksmith

What Is A Mobile Locksmith?

A mobile locksmith provides services at your location vs bringing whatever lock or key you are having issues with to our storefront.

How is a mobile locksmith beneficial?  You don’t have to tow your vehicle nor take apart a lock on your own as our locksmiths will come to you.

Should I hire a regular locksmith or a mobile locksmith?  You don’t need to really worry about this when you give our staff the details of the issue you are experiencing you will give you options and explain which one is going to save you the most money.  If you have lost all your keys or are locked out of your vehicle then you are most certainly going to want to hire a mobile locksmith

What if I want my keys relocked can you do that?  You have several options when it comes to lock rekeys, 1) you bring your locks and/or keys to our shop which we means you need to disassemble and reassemble the locks after we are done.  2) have one of our mobile locksmiths come to your home or business to perform the rekey including disassembly and reassembly for you.  3) buy already rekeyed locks from us and install them yourself.

How can Car Key Duplication service all of the USA?  That’s easy we screen, background check, and run all of our locksmiths through vigorous checks to ensure they are legit and in order to stay accredited their complaints must all be addressed and or meet our high standards of quality control.

Aren’t all locksmiths mobile?  No, some simply work 9-5 at a shop and you have to bring them anything you need done.  They never leave the shop during business hours meaning they are a storefront only.


What Services Do Mobile locksmiths Provide?

They typically provide more services than a storefront.  While a locksmith shop can do almost anything they aren’t going to have very many people tow their vehicle to them to be unlocked.  Also, a storefront location isn’t going to come to your home to install a new deadbolt, doorknob, or disassemble any type of lock.

What about safes?  Depending on the size of the safe would depend on if it’s worth taking it to a storefront or having a mobile locksmith come to your location.

Honestly, about 75% of our calls are for mobile locksmith services.  This is because we can literally come to your home, place of business, even cut and program you a new key while you are shopping or working.  This isn’t just convenient it’s actually very affordable.

Being able to cut, program, install, and even drill new holes for a deadbolt when one doesn’t exist is one of the many reasons people choose to call a mobile locksmith vs the fuss and hassle of doing most of the job themselves.  Also, sometimes issues arise that you can’t forsee and a regular locksmith can only help you at their shop.

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Which Locksmith Should I Call?

If you need a key duplicated then you might want to take it to a storefront to have done as mobile locksmiths will charge a service call to cover their gas and time to travel.  Maybe you have a small safe that you need unlocked?  Once again it’s probably in your best interest to bring it down to the shop.  You just bought new locks and want the same key for all the locks and you want to install them yourself, then it’s going to be cheaper to bring them to a locksmith shop.

What if I have a spare key cut and just need it programmed?  This also a situation that if you bring it to the shop you will save time and money that is of course if you have a working key.

Aren’t All Locksmiths The Same?

No, there are several different locksmiths from commercial, 24 hour locksmith service providers, car key locksmiths, and mobile locksmith technicians.  Each one serves their own purpose and by hiring the correct one won’t just save you money but time, headaches, and ensuring you hired the right one for the right job.

Can’t I just hire a handyman?  Depending on what you need done, maybe.  But most handyman if any will have car key programmers, key cutting machines, or rekey pins to do most locks.  While this may seem like a more affordable option it generally ends up costing you more in the long run.  Because most locksmiths are going to charge you more if something is disassembled or there are missing parts.  This is because it will take more time fixing what someone else has screwed up such as:  Losing parts, screws, keys, pins, or other necessary things to do the job correctly.

Why are car keys so expensive?  While it may seem like mobile locksmith techs are making a killing there is a lot of overhead we had to purchase high-end programmers, key machines, and if we have to run your VIN to get a key code it cost us money to do so, actually a lot of money.  Then programmers generally charge us per use on top of buying the programmer.  So after the cost of running the VIN, programmer, and key there really isn’t much profit for us especially if we paid for gas and a mobile locksmith to come to  you.

Do mobile locksmiths only do car lockouts?  Absolutely not, we do everything a regular locksmith performs and more.  Call one of our Accredited Car Key Duplication locksmiths today!


Emergency Mobile Locksmith

What type of situation does a person need an emergency locksmith?  Anytime you find yourself in an emergency lockout or situation when you are stranded.  A couple of examples of needing to call a mobile locksmith 1) you have lost all your keys, 2) Stranded and locked out of your vehicle, 3) Your car key has broken off in the ignition or lock 3) your vehicle ignition won’t turn 4) your key won’t release out of your car’s ignition, 4) your car key needs re-programmed, or the cuts have worn out.

Emergency lock or key situations strike anytime and anywhere.  Sometimes it gets busier under stressful environments such as during holidays, shopping when people are running late.  During these stressful times is when we tend to make mistakes such as locking our keys in the car.  We are so focused on the problems at hand that we lose our keys.

Other times people get frustrated and turn the key too hard and break it off in the lock or car’s ignition.  Sometimes we even overthink simple fixes such as a customer who just got off work around 2 am and the key fob wouldn’t unlock the car.  So I arrived and started unlocking the vehicle and making small talk and I figured he had lost his car key.  So I said lost your keys huh…. CUSTOMER:  “no the fob stopped working and won’t unlock the vehicle.”  ME:  So at that point, I get his key and unlock the vehicle with the key.  He was blown away that he didn’t think of that and had become so used to using the key fob he had forgotten you can use the mechanical key to unlock the car.  It was 2 am but I did give him a small discount for the service because I understand sometimes we panic and don’t think straight in these situations.

Another situation was a customer who had locked themselves out of their house and they had totally forgotten they had a garage door opener in their vehicle and the garage door wasn’t locked.  This doesn’t make anyone stupid just under a stressful situation that causes our brains to stop thinking rationally.  If you are indeed in need of an emergency mobile locksmith give one of our Acredited mobile locksmiths a call today!

Emergency Commercial Locksmith Service
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Our Accredited Mobile Locksmith Program

With our Accredited mobile locksmith program you know you are getting a screened, background checked, licensed, insured, and bonded professional.

This helps filter out fake locksmiths, scammers, and other thieves who have poor skills and simply want one thing your money.  There are lots of these so-called locksmiths don’t believe me?  Google “locksmith scams” and you will see how many of these fake companies there really are.

By hiring one of our local mobile locksmith techs you will be getting better quality, more professional, and a locksmith that has the skillset to tackle even some of the toughest lock or key situations.

Most people hate their job or career, however, our mobile locksmiths are passionate about their careers and this helps motivate them to get up every day go out in the middle of the night, all without getting frustrated.  This means you aren’t going to be treated poorly or ripped off just because you needed a mobile locksmith in the middle of the night.  When you love what you do you will never work a day of your life.

Each lock that is picked, key cut, and car programmed is a feeling only a true professional locksmith would understand.  It’s beyond a job or career, it’s something that we true locksmiths are passionate about and have been picking locks as a hobby generally for years, just for fun!  When you enjoy doing it, it’s much different than work.  It’s fun, a hobby, something you enjoy and love doing.

When you find someone that has this mindset you are going to get better quality, service, and professionalism.  We screen our Accredited locksmiths and try to find the best of the best.  Once they are Accredited we don’t just stop there we continue to evaluate their feedback and work with them to improve their career, professionalism, and even help with lock & key training.

When you need a local locksmith you should think Car Key Duplication’s Accredited program and call someone who loves their career!