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#1 Largest Inventory of Car Keys now in Greece

With our same day services, you won’t be stuck having to tow your vehicle to the dealer or waiting for a new key to be shipped to you. 

A Full Duplicate Car Key Service – We Have You Covered

Our business allows you to also purchase keys for any vehicle that you drive, and subsequent to this, schedule a time to have your keys cut. You can also have them programmed, right at our store, or we could do a service call and do it for you at your location. The objective is to make your experience with our business as seamless as possible. Regardless of the type of key you need to have duplicated or programmed, we will know exactly how to perform this task. All of this is also done for a very reasonable cost, a cost that is extremely competitive.

Need your Key or Remote programmed in Greece? No problem, we provide mobile key and remote programming services Bethlehem. In fact, all though car key duplication is a nationwide website we are local to Greece and serve most of the state.

It has been our goal since launching our website to not only provide great deals on car keys but we understood that majority of vehicles require programming or key cutting. Car key duplication was founded by locksmiths with years of experience that wanted to change the way the industry standard was viewed. We took all of our experience and combined it all into a very easy process. Did I mention our prices are extremely competitive for the market? 

Same day Shipping

Want to get duplicate keys to your car on the same day? Just mention that you need pre-cut keys and the preferred date of delivery.

180-day replacement

We are confident about the quality of our keys. If anything happens to them within 180 days, we will replace them without asking any questions.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Our experience in this field helps us produce the best duplicate keys for cars. We are sure that you will love the keys and would want to continue hiring us in the future.

The best car key service in Greece

When you need a remote key duplicated you should think Car Key Duplication. We are one of the best Greece car key duplication companies around. Not only do we offer duplication on the spot, office, we also offer a huge selection of car keys, remotes, and transponder keys. Chances are we have what you need in stock!

A fast and reliable service

If you are in urgent need of Greece car key duplication – and want to save up to 80% on dealership prices these are the professionals who provide you with a quick, efficient response and complete peace of mind, the 180-day replacement guarantee makes sure of that.

How We Differ From Our Competitors


We provide a high-quality service but we don’t charge an extortionate amount for it. Our reasonable rates reflect our passion for providing excellent service and our desire for clients to return to us time and time again when they have car key needs.


We want you to recommend us to your friends and family and we will go a long way to providing you with an affordable and quality service in return.


If you have any uncertainties, you can make use of the hotline. Greece Car Key Duplication has a support system working day and night to clarify any information that seems unclear. Also, you can opt for video chatting if it seems convenient.


You can get car remotes and their heads as well. Also, push to start keys depending on your needs. It is a whole lot of offers all under one roof.


Our company is the largest of all providers of key and remote duplication services. We can help you obtain a replacement, or even a backup, for a wide variety of keys that you may use. This will include OEM backups for factory keyless entry remote’s,

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