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Here is why you should speak with one of our representatives from our licensed and insured Smithtown car key duplication business.  If your objective is to find a company that can duplicate your car keys, your task is not that difficult to accomplish.

24/7 Car Key Duplication Locksmith Services in Smithtown

Remote Car Key Duplication

When your car keys are lost or stolen, this is a very serious matter. There are many people that purchase car keys that look similar to their other set of keys, however, they have different electronic components. This can make the situation worse than it was before if the person does not know about the car key duplication process because the new key won’t program even if they are doing it correctly, due to having the wrong car key.

So you have to be careful about the process of Smithtown car key duplication and you must be aware of all the different types of duplicates. You should always hire a reputable company such as Car Key Duplication that has been in the business for a while. It may be a good idea to hire a specialist that does this for you, call us today and we will be on our way!

We Ensure A Good Service

Car Key Duplication is committed to ensuring car owners never have to worry about their car keys. We have multiple storefronts located in Smithtown, making it easy for customers to go by and purchase the best quality of car keys and request key duplication and programming. Car Key Duplication, Smithtown is also bonded, insured, and properly licensed to offer a wide range of car key services and warranties to their customers. As if that’s not enough, you can also book to have our highly qualified technicians come to your doorstep and program your keys for you. We also have an option for customers who would want to have their keys programmed before delivery. After purchasing from us, you can request to have the keys programmed, and we will help you with that. Contact us today!

What Key Programming Do You Need?

whether your car has onboard programming or not. If it does, then we can give you instructions over the phone on how to program the key. This would save a lot of money because car dealers charge a lot to reprogram your car keys and they also don’t return them within the same day.

We Want The Best

We Thrive to provide the best car key duplication services in Smithtown. Not only do we offer the car key duplication as a service but we also have a large inventory of car keys, remotes, and transponders. With our vast supply of car keys and accessories odds are we have your key in stock.

Quality Car Key Duplication Service

We provide a high-quality service but we don’t charge an extortionate amount for it. Our reasonable rates reflect our passion for providing excellent service and our desire for clients to return to us time and time again when they have car key needs. We want you to recommend us to your friends and family and we will go a long way to providing you with an affordable and quality service in return.

Get your key replacement from us

Dented or rusted keys can damage your car’s ignition lock. That will lead to a hefty expense because dealers charge significantly to change or repair the ignition system. At Car Key Duplication, you can avoid this type of expense by purchasing replacement keys. Once you buy the key, you can schedule a time when our locksmith can come and cut the key and program it according to your convenience. Or, we can pre-cut and program the key before shipping. Don’t worry; we don’t charge anything extra for pre-cutting or programming.

The Affordability Factor

Carkey Duplication Locksmith Services in Smithtown

Car key duplication is simply a generic term which encompasses both code-cutting and key blanking. You can duplicate key keys by cutting or blanking the corresponding key fob (or transponder) inside the ignition of a car. The car key must first be cut into the shape of the key’s body.

Then the actual key’s body must be copied on a computer hard drive and transferred to a special memory card. This will act as the new key. Finally, the blanked out key must be copied back to its original form. Car key duplicating in Smithtown is actually very similar to copying files on your computer. One reason why this process is very effective is that it can be done in the remote and from anywhere at any time. This makes it very convenient and saves time and energy that users would otherwise spend in traveling

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