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Car keys may get dented if you drop it frequently. This means they won’t allow you to start your car. It’s almost the same as losing your car keys. Whenever you face such problems, don’t hesitate to order a new pair of keys from us. We just need the details of your car to provide a list of options. You can choose more than one type of key so that you have multiple keys for different family members.

About Car Key Duplication in Gastonia

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A lot of people have found themselves in this situation before and the last thing they want is to end up spending time and money on car keys only to find out later that the duplicate that they purchased was faulty. The best thing you can do is to purchase a copy key duplicated from a reputable source online.

Average Car Key Duplication Cost

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When you have your car ignition key copied, you can use it to gain access to your car. However, this type of key can not only be used to pick up other cars, but you can also use it to get back into your own car if you happen to be locked out. Keep this in mind when considering whether you should try to duplicate a key or not. It is definitely better safe than sorry when it comes to duplicating car ignition keys so make sure to check into the various methods available before you actually attempt to duplicate a key and end up getting into more trouble than you want to.

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At Car Key Duplication, we work according to the schedule of our clients. Have a busy day and do not have time to meet up with our technicians? No worries… You can simply tell us the type of car key you want by CLICKING HERE and our experts will work on your key then deliver it to you at your convenience. Additionally, we have multiple storefronts located strategically in Gastonia. On telling us what you need, you can arrange to pick up your keys at one of our many stores at your own time.

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Remote Car Key Duplication

Always by your side.

For the case of precutting, you give in the instruction, and the company delivers it the following day. The extra services are free of charge. The set of keys that require programming comes with instructions that you follow for activation. You get the key as well as the additional relevant service under one roof.

Same day services are their motto, and this has been made possible by the numerous storefronts. In the case of deliveries, you get the opportunity to choose your pick up point. It could be on one of the locksmiths’ outlets or at your address. The purchasing process is precise and straight forward. Upon completion, you get other opportunities like precuts and programming services for unique cars.

A Full Duplicate Car Key Service – We Have You Covered

Our company is the largest of all providers of key and remote duplication services. We can help you obtain a replacement, or even a backup, for a wide variety of keys that you may use. This will include OEM backups for factory keyless entry remote’s, remote head keys, standard car keys, and key fobs. We will ensure that you are getting the exact key that you need, and you can do the same from the privacy of our website. Simply enter the make, model, and year of your vehicle so that we can show you which key will be needed. From there, we will do the work to eventually provide you with this backup or replacement key for your vehicle.

If Your Vehicle Has On Board Programming

Whether you are getting a remote for months, or programmable car keys, our locksmith are fully trained to help. Not only will we program your keys properly, but we can come out directly to you so that you can save time and get the job done. This includes onboard programming and many other services that may not be offered by our competitors.

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