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Proximity keys Online

Looking to buy proximity keys online?  Well, you have come to the right place!  We will discuss what is a proximity key?  Does my car have a proximity key, transponder, or metal key?  The pros & cons of buying proximity keys online vs the dealership or local locksmith.  

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Do I Have A Proximity Key Or Transponder?

What Is A Proximity Key?

The difference between a proximity key and the transponder type

Proximity Keys

A proximity secret’s a fob that allows for keyless entry. The fob communicates with a reader thru RFID and communicates that a door has to be unlocked without the use of a key. Proximity is unique and allows a key fob to work without having to be waved in front of the reader to work. The proximity key can stay in a bag or pocket and is capable of unlocking/locking the vehicle’s doors and even start the car. 

Transponder Vs Proximity Keys

A transponder key looks much like a traditional bare metal key but has a bulky plastic top on the head of the key which contains a chip.  While a transponder key looks like a small remote control that appears to have no key but is usually hidden inside the fob (which usually only unlocks the drivers door in the event of a car battery issue etc..).

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How Do Proximity Keys Work?

Modern proximity keys use RFID, a smart barcode device that makes use of electromagnetic fields to become aware of and tune information on “tags” that include the saved facts. The facts is handed the usage of radio waves.

To open a door through the use of a key fob, on most of these vehicles, there is a button that you can push to unlock/lock the door without reaching for a car key. Each key fob carries a microchip with a completely unique frequency that communicates with the vehicle and shows that the door needs to be opened. Fobs may be programmed to permit ranges that fit your specific vehicle. The most distinct feature of a proximity key is you will have a push to start button in the car.

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Proximity Key Fob

A proximity key fob is used instead of the traditional car transponder keys.  They are super convenient because you no longer need to search for a key to unlock your car or start your car.

If your vehicle is equipped with a proximity key system and you are looking to save some money you should buy one online from us we sell directly to the consumer vs only working with locksmiths.

With a good share of manufactures equipping their vehicles with onboard programming, you can typically program your own proximity key.  For the ones that don’t we have a locksmith service program that we can match you with an honest and affordable locksmith in your area.

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Proximity Key Programming 

Info About Proximity Key Programming

Changing the key business one cut at a time

Some Proximity Keys Require Expensive Programming Equipment 

While some proximity keys require expensive programming equipment some vehicles are equipped with onboard programming which you can easily do yourself!

Have you ever wondered why locksmiths charge so much to program a proximity key?  They spent a lot of money upfront to purchase several machines in order to be able to program each and every proximity specific to the vehicle make/model/year.  But sometimes they can use onboard programming and still charge the same.

Proximity Key Onboard Programming

The onboard programming has a specific process that you follow to add or duplicate proximity keys.  But once you follow the instructions provided with the car key from us you will understand how easy it is to do.

If you do happen to run into trouble we offer customer support.  Also, we can match you with a locksmith in your area if you decide to just have someone else do it and still save money on the proximity key.

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Why Are Proximity Keys Used?

Proximity credentials use programmed one-factor authentication. As the name implies, when the proximity key or fob is within close proximity to the access vehicle, the system recognized that it’s okay to unlock the door or start the vehicle.

Each proximity key uses a unique key code and frequency to communicate with your vehicle’s security system.  Which is specific to your vehicle’s computer not just make & model.  If it was specific to just make and model you would be able to use your key on any vehicle identical to yours.  This is why in order to obtain this key code we need the vehicles VIN number to make sure we have the exact key code for your car.

Key Fobs

Similar to keyless devices for cars that are used regularly these days, a key fob is a keyless remote device that allows locking, unlocking, and a panic button for your vehicle.  While these won’t start your car because you traditionally have a key to start the ignition with the key fob systems.

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180 day replacement guarantee.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Tips When Buying Proximity Keys 

Don’t Buy Counterfit Proximity Keys!

Your car key solution!  Car Key Duplication!


Car manufacturers make many new cars with push-to-start ignition and intelligent car keys. With the advanced technology of today, you don’t need an actual key to start your car, but only to unlock your door in the case your battery ran empty and the key fob is no longer working to unlock your door.

It’s important to remember that a keyless entry system is different than the anti-theft system. In short, OEM proximity intelligent key is not the same as the keyless entry fob to unlock your doors, also if both located at the same key remote. While an intelligent key fob can start your car, a keyless entry remote is good only to unlock the doors of your car.

A keyless entry remote will not start your car! The part inside your key fob that starts your car is a tiny computer chip that is programmed to your car. Yes, your key fob contains all of these part inside your proximity key fob’s shell.

Don’t Buy A Proximity Key Based On Looks

There are hundreds of styles of automotive proximity key fobs, so how to know which one of them will fit your car? Some look very similar or exact in appearance. In addition, you can find an identical key fob online that you may think can fit your car, but in fact, this proximity key fob is for a different car than yours. For instance; an intelligent key fob of 2007 Nissan Altima looks identically to the smart proximity key fob for a 2014 Nissan Altima, but both key fobs will not work on both cars. The electronic components inside the key fobs are different, as well as the computer chip to start the car. With this in mind, the same goes for other car brands such as Chrysler, Honda, and more.

Before you run out to buy your new replacement proximity key fob online, you need to locate the right details of your intelligent key fob. Here, at Car Key Duplication, we care about our customers, therefore, we will provide you with the right information about replacing the key fob of your car.


What do you need to know before you purchase a new key fob online?

1) Get your car year, brand, and model ready, as well as the VIN number proof of ownership including identification that matches on the registration or insurance document.

2) If you already have a working proximity key fob for your car, turn it to the back side and search for a small sticker. This sticker tells the serial, part, and FCC numbers of your key fob in order to know the right key fob of your vehicle. If you have found this sticker, write down all those numbers. If you can’t find it in the back, you may find it inside the key fob.  Alternatively, we prefer just looking it up for you based on your vehicle VIN just give us a call and keep it simple.

Please note: usually, an aftermarket key fobs doesn’t have that sticker. If you can’t find a tiny sticker on your old key fob, you can call us with your vehicle make, model, and year. 

You can also call us, we would be happy to tell you the FCC number to your key fob. Furthermore, if you like us to help, we would be happy to cut and program a new key fob by your VIN number.

3) Not all aftermarket key fobs are ok to buy! For some cars, for instance, Nissan, you must buy the original OEM intelligent key fob (push-to-start ignition). The reason for that is because you can’t program an aftermarket key fob to the car. Unfortunately, an original OEM proximity key fob is more expensive than aftermarket key fob. You can simply save your money and buy the original OEM key.

4) Check if your car has a split year. Some cars, in certain of years, has a split year key. This means from January-June there is a specific key, and from June-December, you need a different key. Yes, we know, it is very confusing.

5) Ebay and Amazon are not always a good source to buy your key fobs. Many of the key fobs don’t properly work or are easy to get damaged. In many cases, we get calls from a customer who bought their key fob on Ebay. We are told after a few weeks the key fob stops working. It’s better to buy from a legitimate website that specializes in automotive proximity keys.



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