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Scion Car Key Duplication Services

Looking for affordable Scion Car keys online? How about great deals on Scion Remotes online? We can surely help you with all of that. Our Company has focused on bringing the nation only the highest quality of Scion key services along with the best Scion Key support. Completely free! 


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Order your Scion key and Scion remotes from us! Our team of experienced Scion key experts have focused all of their efforts on bringing only the best quality of keys at the best prices. We don’t believe in cutting corners, only keys. 🙂 You will quickly find that our support team is made up of licensed, bonded, and insured locksmiths that have dedicated their lives to the industry. Fast and reliable same-day shipping options.

Depending on the make model and year of your Scion will depend on different pricing options. IF at any point you are confused or not entirely sure on what key or remote your Scion requires please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our support members. 


You will quickly find when searching our database that we have a MASSIVE amount of keys and remotes for Scion vehicles. Our team takes great pride on being able to cut costs wherever we can f

















What’s great about our car key duplication services?

Well for starters, we are one of the only companies that do not outsource our customer service representatives and personally I feel like that is what separates us from the rest of the online Scion car key service providers. Not to mention our company was started by actual locksmiths that worked in the field everyday and worked on countless Scion Cars. We also provide free shipping options as well as next day shipping if you are needing us to do so. 

Mobile Scion Key Duplication

Affordable Key Duplication services for all of your Scion vehicle needs.

Precut Key Options

We offer the possibility of sending you your Scion key already cut with your purchase.

Affordable & Fast

Providing only the best possible prices known in the industry (Our competitors hate us!) 

We are here to help with your Scion keys & Remotes

While ordering your set of duplicate keys, you just need to mention the make, model, and year of your Scion car. This helps us to find the respective keys from our inventory and make an accurate copy of it that works on your car perfectly

Scion Key Cutting

Scion key cutting is similar to the majority of other vehicles. Overall, it’s relatively pretty simple as long as you are using the right tools and equipment. 

Scion Remotes

Scion remote programming is a pretty quick and simple solution with quite a few models allowing on-board programming. 

Remote Head & Flip Keys

Remote head keys are quite common with Scion vehicles. We’re experienced with all of them and have a vast majority of them currently in stock. 

Tips For Buying Scion Car Keys Online

Buying Scion car keys online has become more popular in recent years. It’s important to know what you’re looking for before you start searching, so you know what you’ll be paying for. The first thing to consider is whether the company you are buying from offers free shipping. (We do ) 

There are a few things that you’ll be spending money on if you purchase them online. Most companies do include a small shipping charge. This is the amount that you’ll be required to pay when the key arrives at your door. Keep this in mind as you shop around. Buying a key with a company that offers free shipping is an important choice, it saves you money!

What you should pay attention to when buying a Scion key online is the security of the website. Does it have an active SSL? Do they have a good reputation? Is the company you are buying the key from offering any type of warranty or guarantees with your purchase? If you choose a site that uses encryption technology then you’ll have peace of mind knowing that no one can access your information if they are hacked. 

If you’re not comfortable about giving away your information for the key to be cut for your car then consider other options such as going into one of our authorized locksmith stores or possibly some local hardware stores in your area. It is entirely up to our customers if they would like to have their key cut before having it shipped. 

It’s always a good idea to check the credibility of a site before purchasing any items. A site that offers you a refund if the product doesn’t work sometimes knows the key isn’t going to work but is going to charge you a restocking fee. Check out the reputation of the company by checking reviews online. Companies that have been around for a while and are trusted by many buyers will usually have good feedback from satisfied customers.

Buying car keys online gives you several different options. It’s important that you take your time to find the best prices and the right type of shipping. If you follow these steps you should be able to get a high-quality key that will last a long time.

It’s worth reading the fine print of the terms and conditions of any site you’re interested in buying from. Make sure that there are no hidden costs or penalties for returning the item and that they honour their shipping policy if your order is returned. Once you know what you’re buying, you’ll be able to compare prices and compare policies.