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Subaru Car Key Duplication & DIY Tips

If you are looking for some of the best deals for Subaru car keys online you have come to the right place. Along with our huge inventory of Subaru remotes and push to start keys. We specialize in Subaru and are surely able to help you find the correct key or remote for your vehicle. If you are having any questions or concerns it is strongly recommended to get in touch with one of our dedicated Subaru Key Specialists, we are confident we will quickly win you over.


Owning a Subaru comes with a lot of comforts, considering it is a very classy vehicle. There are different brand models, including Subaru Impreza, Subaru Legacy, Subaru WRX, and Subaru Forester. Subaru owners like associating with each other since it is like belonging to an undiscussed secret club. (It’s not like fight club, we talk about it! )  All cars are bound to present problems, and so is this type. There are stores with spare parts to avert any crisis, but the primary challenge is car key duplication. Such a predicament may occur to you due to the original copy’s loss or when you need an extra piece. However, Subaru Car key Duplication has solutions for any relevant problems. They have various stores that you can choose to visit, depending on your location.

We offer you a range of services and products to meet any car key duplication needs that you could be having. Our company sells Subaru car keys, remote head fobs, and also fobs for any version of Subaru. In the event of a loss, all you have to do is enter your make, model and year, of your vehicle and purchase your key or remote and then schedule a time to have it cut and programmed. Our customer support can make it easier to pin down your precise key based of your VIN to eliminate choosing the wrong key. Ensure you have accurate data about your Subaru; otherwise, second-guessing can cost you more time and money. In case you have any questions, you can call our support line or open a live chat. Experience our quick responses. 


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Buying Subaru Keys Online

When buying keys for your Subaru online, it’s important that you understand what kind of keys or remote you are buying. Time and time again we have seen customers looking for a deal, buy the cheapest key they can find and expect it too work. This isn’t the case. Especially for all Subaru. A lot of the times this is just how you waste your time and money if you don’t take the time to get the correct key. In short; now isn’t the time to skip corners to save a few bucks. Get a quality key so you don’t experience issues in the future. OEM Subaru keys are always recommended unless you just want a spare key to open your car door if you’ve locked yourself out. Then you are fine to get an after market key.

Subaru Key Cutting

Car Key Duplication provides a service where we are actually able to cut your key if you provide us with your driver license and registration of your vehicle. Of course, we recommend when buying a key that you go through our service for starters, it guarantees that your key will be cut properly and if it isn’t cut properly then we will send you a completely new key. We pull your Vehicle Key cuts from the vehicle’s VIN ensuring the key will work. Unless, you have replaced or repaired your ignition and it has changed the original cuts.

Subaru Key Programming

Having the right equipment is neccessary when it comes to Subaru Key programming. Depending on the make, model and year of the Subbie requiring key programming is a major factor.  For example, older Subaru’s are easier to program the transponder chip. However, when you get into 2010+ years it becomes quite a bit more difficult. If you have opted out of having our recommended programmers then you should be extremely cautious about who you use to program your Subaru Key. It is strongly recommended to do some research before allowing someone to just go to town on your Subbie. 

Subaru Remote Programming

Programming a Subaru Remote can be extremely problematic if you don’t know what you are doing. A lot of the times you will have to take the back of the remote off and enter a digit during the programming procedure in order to sync it with your vehicle. Some makes and models do offer an on board programming option. Our Dedicated Subaru Key and Remote specialists will be able to tell you if your car is one of the ones that does have on board programming options for your vehicle if it does not. It is always strongly recommended to get in touch with our Subaru key specialist  

Popular Subaru Models We Service on the Daily


The Subaru BRZ is a very fun sports like car to own and drive. It’s amazing around corners and has some pretty affordable key duplication services. 


The new Subaru Impreza has always been a popular crowd favorite for many years, but now the whole fan base has even more reason to cheer. In fact, the new Impreza is not only a great value for money compact car, it’s a fun car to drive and one of the most comfortable and practical cars available


One of the great things about the new Subaru Legacy, apart from the fact that it is very reliable, safe and comfortable is that it has a large trunk. You can store a lot of stuff in it. It also has a nice interior and seats, There is no need to make any modifications to get the perfect Legacy


The Subaru WRX sports sedan is one of the most comfortable cars around. This car has more of a traditional design that is much more suitable for people who prefer to drive fast. When it comes to performance, the WRX sports sedan comes second to none.


The Subaru Forester is easily the most popular small vehicle for daily driving. It is spacious, reliable, comfortable, and also has a good reputation for durability. For those drivers who like the practicality of an off-road vehicle, the Forester should go well with the all terrain vehicle 


The XV is much more lightweight than the Outrider Sport in both its shape and size. This design feature helps the XV to be significantly more comfortable and faster on the road. As a result of the smaller stature, however, the XV’s fuel economy has been noticeably reduced over the out-and-about, city driving models of the previous Outrider Sports Car, particularly in the US marke

Subaru Car Key & Remote Expert Support

Some versions of the Subaru require programming before activation, thus the need for further attention. However, our company has simplified the work with a set of guidelines accompanying the key. If a client needs a technician, you can visit one of our store fronts or approved locksmith provider or have them come to you. We have focused on providing an all-round convenient service delivery process aiming at giving you the best. Nevertheless, car key duplication for Subaru is one of the more complex key services. When you get the key upon the search on our website, you can request to have it precut. our company will deliver it at the preferable delivery location or you can pick it up at a location if it is close to you and convenient.

Subaru Car Key Duplication should never be a risk. The numerous locksmiths working concurrently with our company are all reputable, thus an assurance of quality services. Be it duplication or replacements; they have all answers to your questions. Our range of inventory is vast, and they will tailor services and products as per your needs.  

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