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There is hardly a situation more frustrating than getting stuck on the wrong side of your own security systems. In such a situation you may appreciate the efficiency of your security, but at the same time being unable to open your car, house or beusiness can set you back and even place you in a perilous situation.

But no matter the type of situation you are facing or the hour of day or night, Car Key Duplication provides a full range of locksmith services in Bridgeport, Texas. We fully understand that these matters must be addressed in a timley manner. This is why we provide fast, efficient and affordable locksmith services to Bridgeport and the surrounding areas.

Lockout situations in particular can be especially nerve-wracking if you are caught in bad weather, in an unfamiliar part of town or with small children. If you find yourself in such a situation, you need a reliable Bridgeport Locksmith who is licensed, bonded and insured ensuring peace of mind.

As one of the leading Bridgeport locksmith companies, we offer a full range of locksmith services at a competitive price
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At Car Key Duplication we have assembled a team of skilled Locksmiths that have passed the most rigorous of screening processes with thorough background check. This ensures that we have professionals working for us. Rest assured that our locksmiths in Bridgeport will have the skills and integrity to provide you with top-notch locksmithing services that you can rely on.

You can also count on our team to arrive on site fully-equipped to provide any kind of locksmithing services you may need. If you have lost, broken or malfunctioning keys, we can duplicate, cut and program a new set of keys for you quickly. If the problem is not with the keys but with the internal mechanisms of the locks, we have the tools, skills and experience to provide maintenance services to all types of industrial, commercial and residential locks and even repair and replace most.

Furthermore, you should never allow anyone to perform any type of service on your property unless they are properly insured, licensed and bonded for the work they will provide. We have a passion for excellence and always deliver the highest locksmith services at the best possible price. When you call in our reputable Bridgeport locksmiths, you can count on our local locksmith to arrive quickly with everything needed to assist you.


Within the homes are your greatest treasures. In addition to a good portion of your accumulated wealth, the lives of your loved ones depend on a stalwart home security system to keep them safe from opportunistic criminals. It is imperative to maintain security measures of the highest standards in your home.

If you are having a hard time getting into your home, because of malfunctioning, lost or broken keys, that is a good thing. Your security would be pretty shoddy if you can access your home without the proper keys and protocol. But if you are stuck in this situation, call us up immediately.

We act fast and will have an appropriate set of solutions dispatched to your location. If you need to improve the security of your home, we can also help you rekey all your locks and even recommend cost-effective security measures for your property.


The security of your commercial location is essential for keeping your assets safe and your operations in smooth working order. If you are looking to improve, maintain or adjust your commercial security systems, call up our reputable locksmith services in Bridgeport, Texas. Our skilled locksmiths have the tools, experience and resourcefulness to provide tailor-made solutions to best address the needs of your commercial location.

If you are facing a lockout at your commercial location, your entire professional operations can be placed on standstill until a solution is found. This can seriously hamper your operations and negatively impact your bottom line. Call us now and one of our affordable business locksmiths in Bridgeport can help walk you through your options.


It is the start to a crappy day when you go to get into your car and find yourself locked out, this can mean that your entire schedule is suddenly put on hold. But no matter the issue, make and model of vehicle one of our Bridgeport Car unlock specialists can help we have the tools needed to safely gain entry back into your vehicle. We understand time is of the essence and work quickly to get you back into your vehicle all for an affordable rate.

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