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Locksmith Services in Carrollton, Texas

An automotive lockout may not seem like such a big deal, but it happens far more often than people think and we see it all the time at our Carrollton locksmith. If it has happened, you may feel a little annoyed by the situation and run the risk of overpaying the wrong service provider.

If you have found yourself stuck in such a situation in Carrollton, you are in luck. Car Key Duplication provides reliable, affordable, and fast automotive locksmith services to all of Carrollton, Texas With over 50 years of combined locksmith experience. Car Key Duplication has made a name for itself as the turn-key solution to all types of Carrollton Locksmith services.

Commercial Residential & Automotive Carrollton Locksmith

Local & Family Owned Locksmiths

Automotive Locksmith Services in Carrollton, Texas

We have skilled and motivated locksmiths ready to be dispatched to your location to provide you with a reasonably priced solution to any issue that could arrive with your car’s keys or locking mechanisms.

Carrollton Car Locksmith

Providing affordable locksmith solutions to all of Carrollton. Our Carrollton locksmiths are some of the best with extremely competitive pricing structures. Having successfully serviced Carrollton for many years we are confident saying we have one of the largest key inventories in the sate. Thanks to years of successful business operations we are proud to continue to service the community.

Key being cut in machine

Carrollton Car Key Replacement

Keys get lost quite often and it is our pride and joy to be the ones to replace them. Our skilled and experienced locksmiths will arrive on scene to make you a duplicate set of car keys, no matter how advanced or rudimentary your car’s level of security. Soon you will have a new set of keys in your hand and be back on your way.

Key Replaced By Locksmith

Auto Carrollton Locksmith

A great way to avoid issues with lost, broken and malfunctioning keys is to make a spare set of keys. We can provide affordable Carrollton locksmith services where our valued clients can stop on by to have a new set of keys duplicated on the spot. Or we can come to them. We work with all types of keys in the automotive industry, from simple blade keys to advanced Smart Keys and everything else in between.

Transponder & FOB Programming

Often, the keys you have on hand will simply not open the locks to the doors on your car. This could be an issue with the signal being transmitted or the locking mechanisms of the car itself. No matter the issue, our reliable locksmiths in Carrollton will arrive on-site with a full range of necessary equipment to diagnose and solve the problem whatever it may be

Car Ignition Being Repaired In Carrollton

Carrollton Car Ignition Repair

Mechanical malfunctions can also occur in the ignition system itself and it takes special know-how to properly repair and service these devices. While this is not always the case, we don’t take any chances in our line of work. Count on our Carrollton Car Ignition specialists to arrive with top notch tools and equipment to help diagnose a faulty car ignition solenoid.

Sometimes the problems are being caused by a mechanical malfunction in the car’s ignition. We offer competitive prices for car ignitions repairs. Because there is always the chance that this could be the issue keeping you from accessing your car, we always come prepared for this task.


Automotive Locksmith Services in Carrollton, Texas

Typically, this kind of thing happens when you are already running late, but it is never a good time to have trouble with the security of your automobile. This is why we have partnered with the best locksmith services across the United States to bring you a comprehensive network of service providers. Here are some of the top-reasons you should consider our services for all your automotive locksmith needs.


24/7 Carrollton Locksmith

Chances are when needing a 24 hour locksmith every minute counts. Most of the time customers looking for a 24/7 Carrollton locksmith are in need of one late at night. You can count on our professional team of locksmiths In carrollton to have a solution onsite in a matter of minutes. 


Carrollton Lost All Keys experts

We have the tools, skills and know-how to address lost all car keys scenarios in all types of cars. We can cut, duplicate and program your new set of keys as well as open all the locking mechanisms and provide extensive repair and maintenance as needed. Consider hiring our locksmiths when needing your car keys replaced in Carrollton.


Competitive Affordable Prices

Our work may be opening locks, duplicating keys and providing all types of different locksmith solutions, but our business is our satisfied clients. We have made a name for ourselves as professionals with a passion for excellence with very competitive prices.


Licensed, Bonded and Insured Locksmiths

All the locksmiths associated with our network are fully-licensed, bonded and insured for the work they do. This means you can rely on professional practices and coverage for any accidents or problems on the job. This is a very important detail when having professionals perform work on your property.



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