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If you are just outside of Fort Worth in Texas, you may reside in Richland Hills near our locksmith storefront. This is a city with a population of nearly 8000 people, most of which will drive vehicles. When you lock your keys in your car, you will need a locksmith to help you. They can easily get inside using special tools and solutions. If you would like to contact a Richland Hills locksmith, our company is the one you should call. Although we do provide emergency lockout services, this is just one solution that we offer. Here is an overview of our business, Car Key Duplication, and what we can do.

Emergency Lockout Services From A Local Locksmith

Almost everyone has had the misfortune of locking their keys in their vehicle. Looking at your keys from the outside of a locked car does not promote a positive feeling. If you can call a locksmith, they are usually dispatched to your location within minutes. Due to the proximity to Fort Worth, there are likely many locksmiths that can help you out. However, you will want to work with our business for several different reasons. We can assist with emergency lockout 24 hours a day. However, the other services that our business can provide are just as valuable. We are a mobile locksmith company that has so much to offer.


Car FOB Replacement Services

If you do have a car FOB that needs to be replaced, our company can certainly assist you. It may need to be programmed, or you could simply order a new one, which is very easy to accomplish. Also referred to as a key fob, it is simply a small device that has remote control capabilities. It acts as a remote keyless entry system that will allow you to access your vehicle. To replace these, you must be able to properly identify the vehicle that you are driving. If it is a vehicle that was made after the turn of the millennia, it will likely use a key fob. Not only can we replace these, we can help you order a new one.


Residential Locksmith Services

If you are a landlord or tenant, there will likely be a time that you need your keys replaced, locks changed or rekeyed, or another service a locksmith would offer. It’s important that you know who has keys to access your home, and if you wish to revoke access, you will need a professional locksmith to rekey the locks. Our company offers this service at a rock bottom price, satisfaction guaranteed.

locksmith richland hills holding honda key
richland hills locksmith drilling out lock

Same Day Locksmith Services.

One area of expertise that our company possesses is obtaining new keys. Our locksmith will help you in choosing the exact one that you need. With one of the largest inventories in the area, we can get you a new key copy within the hour! If you are aware of the year that the car was made, as well as the make and model, this helps you find the right replacement keys. Call us today and we can either direct you to our storefront or for a minimal service charge we can come to you. We also offer the option of reprogramming your keys, or for older vehicles, simply duplicating the metal keys within minutes. If you do need car keys, we can help you obtain them, plus provide you with many other locksmith services.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Our locksmith has the expertise and equipment to offer a full range of commercial locksmith services as well. One of the primary goals is to offer affordable locksmith services to businesses in Richland Hills. While we specialize in car keys, our technicians are the ones who can fix your locks, door closers, mortise storefront locks, and other types of commercial locks/keyways.

What Other Locksmith Services Do We Provide?

Lock installations is another area where we can assist both companies and people. If you need to replace all of your locks, we can do so easily. It’s also possible for our trained professionals to rekey all of your locks. You may need to do so if replacing your locks is not in your budget. We can do this for residential and commercial buildings. If you do need new locks, we can assist you right away. Our primary focus is to always provide the most prompt and affordable services for the people of Richland Hills in Texas. And finally, if you simply need to duplicate keys that you own, we have the machinery and experts available to help you. It is so important to only work with the most competent locksmiths and that’s exactly what you get with Car Key Duplication.

Hiring a locksmith that is competent and affordable is easy to do. It often takes just a small amount of research. You are likely looking for the best local locksmith in the Richland Hills area. It could be for a car FOB replacement, or perhaps you need emergency lockout services. Regardless of why you need to use our services, we are always a phone call away. Take advantage of the low cost services that are business currently offers if you need a locksmith to help you this week. Learn more information by visiting: https://www.carkeyduplication.com/



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