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What makes a locksmith company in Southlake stand out? Punctuality, using the latest tools and machines, experienced locksmiths, and affordable prices. However, it’s hard to find a company that has all these factors. Some may use the latest tools but charge a high fee for its services. On the other hand, some may not hire certified and licensed locksmiths. However, if you are in South Lake, Texas, consider yourself lucky. Car Key Duplication is one of the rare companies that have all the above-mentioned factors, thus making it the leading locksmith company in the city.

Car Key Duplication is the best in the business when it comes to key cutting, key replacement, residential and business lockouts, fixing car key remotes, and repairing vehicle locks. Over the years, we have spent a lot of time putting together a team of locksmiths that can provide high-quality services using our latest tools without charging a fortune.

One of the reasons why you should consider us over other companies or even your car dealer is our turnaround time. We send a locksmith over to your location as soon as we get your call. We know how irritating it is when you break your car key, lose it, or lock yourself out. Instead of getting angry or panicking, let Car Key Duplication make a new key.

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Best Locksmith In Southlake, TX

As the leading auto locksmith in South Lake, we consider it our responsibility to rescue you from an emergency. We understand that losing your car key can make you go nuts, but it’s better to calm down once you call us. Our certified, licensed, and bonded locksmiths come equipped with the latest tools of the trade to fix the problem with your car’s lock and key.

Locksmith Services For Homes & Businesses in Southlake

Suppose you want us to make a duplicate set of car keys so that you have a spare set at home. The machine that we use to cut a new key contains a vise where the locksmith will insert a piece of metal. Underneath the vise, there is a blank and guide where he will put your original key. Next, he will slowly start moving the machine. The wheel will follow the design of the original key and engrave it on the piece of metal, followed by cutting the metal and extracting the duplicate key.

He will also scrub the sharp ends of the key with a metal brush to remove burrs. The entire process hardly takes 15 to 20 minutes. Your car dealer may not be able to provide such a quick turnaround time.

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Key replacement is necessary when you break your car key or if it is too rusty that it could break at any moment. Sometimes, the car key breaks inside the ignition lock and you can’t drive. Let us come and take a look at the situation. Our locksmiths come prepared with the required tools and car key metals to make a new key on the spot. They will take out the broken key from the ignition lock and clean it thoroughly so that the new key can work smoothly inside.

Affordable Emergency Lockout Assistance

Most of the modern car keys allow you to open or lock your car, switch on or switch off the car ac, and turn on or turn off the headlights even without going close to the vehicle. These advanced keys run on codes. Therefore, when you press the AC button, it signals the AC code in the car to switch on or switch off according to the button you press. Although these remotes work flawlessly most of the time, you may find them malfunctioning after a few years.

The codes fail to respond, and you can’t lock or open your car from a distance. That doesn’t mean you need a brand-new remote. Instead, we can come and fix the codes that are not responding. It would be best if you mention the make and model of your car when you call us. That allows our locksmiths to come with the respective code-changing machine and fix the problem within a few minutes.

Car Key Duplication believes in putting your convenience first before thinking of making money. You can rely on us to make a new car key within the same day and not charge a lot for it.

Auto Locksmith In Southlake TX

If you are looking for the best auto locksmith in Southlake, you’ve found them. Our massive key inventory and wide range of programming capabilities make us the number one locksmith for car key replacements. Most locksmith companies don’t have the time, or experience to perform key programming for foreign cars, but at our Southlake locksmith, it’s our specialty!

Some car brands like Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, and others can sometimes require the ECU to be pulled from the vehicle, and with the usage of soldering/adapters, we can safely perform the programming.  Our locksmith has made this long process shorter with state-of-the-art adapters and programmers. Call us today for a quote on programming your car keys!

If you have an ignition that just won’t turn over, even with the right keys, it may need to be repaired. Ask our team about our ignition repair services. Our extensive history repairing these types of ignition problems means you may not need to replace the entire ignition. 

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