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When you need a Watauga locksmith you should mae sure you hire a true professional!  We are licensed, insured, and experienced to handle all of your locksmith needs.  Whether you are locked out, need new keys, or an auto key programmed call us today!

Locksmiths In Watauga Texas

If your car key breaks, you probably want help as soon as possible. You should call our auto locksmith hotline right away to make sure you can get back on the road. Broken car keys usually occur when the wrong key is used on the wrong lock, the key has become old and worn, or the ignition or door lock itself has become sticky and worn out. When you have several keys on your key ring, it can cause unnecessary weight on your vehicles ignition switch, Honda’s are notorious for having issues and having lots of keys on your keyring can definitely cause those ignitions to fail prematurely.   

Our Watauga car locksmiths are able able to unlock most vehicles if not all. The technician should also be able to make duplicate keys, troubleshoot ignition problems, and replace the ignition. Our professionals can also rekey your car’s locks if they are lost or stolen. Some of our auto locksmiths in Watauga are able to unlock a car’s door or trunk in a matter of minutes. For these reasons, you need to hire a professional auto locksmith if you’re locked out of your vehicle.

If you’ve misplaced the car key, it can be difficult to get find a place to replace it, here at Car Key Duplication we have several options we can locate the keycode on the vehicle, decode the ignition, or run the VIN to get the cuts and create you a brand new car key from scratch. 

Residential Locksmith Services With A Smile

Our residential locksmiths in Watauga are specialists in the security of your home. In addition to repairing locks and cutting keys, they can also help you get inside your house when you’re locked out. His knowledge of security systems and products will help you make a decision about the right security measures for your home. Unlike a commercial locksmith, a residential one is trained to work on a wide variety of different types of home locks. The locks that businesses use are more complicated, and if you have valuables inside, you may need to have your locks changed or even changed.

A residential locksmith is an expert in all types of locks, from traditional to high-tech. We can also service windows and security safes. The latter is a popular option among many people. The keyless entry of your home can make it easy for you to gain access and when you have kids. A professional residential locksmith will ensure that your home safe is secure and installed properly. Similarly, we will help you pick the right lock for your home.

A residential locksmith should understand your needs. For example, if you’ve lost or stolen keys, you may need to rekey your locks. This can prevent someone from breaking in and stealing your valuables. However, it is not a simple job. Rekeying locks requires specialized knowledge and a lot of skill, and should only be performed by a certified residential locksmith. They have extensive training in residential security systems and are trained to solve a range of lock issues.

Watauga Locksmiths
Watauga locksmith

Mobile Locksmiths

If you want brand-new keys for the vehicle you are driving, we can order those for you. You will need to identify the exact to make and model of the car you are driving. It is also beneficial to know what year the vehicle was made. This information will quickly lead to the key that you will need to replace the missing or damaged key you use to have. This can be done on our website, allowing you to place your order for keys that can be delivered in as little as five days.

There are many reasons why you should hire a mobile locksmith. First of all, you’ll benefit from the fast response time and 24 hour availability. Another reason to hire a mobile locksmith is that you won’t have to worry about having to leave your home or office. The locksmith will travel to you and handle any situation, whether it’s a lockout, a lost key, or a faulty ignition. You can even have the service come to your home or office.

In addition to the fast response time, a mobile locksmith has specialized training in the field. Not only can they fix any broken key, they can also reprogram a transponder key. And they can also open locked cabinets. Basically, they can help you out of any lockout situation! So, don’t hesitate to call a mobile locksmith. Just remember that they are there when you need them most! You don’t have to wait for a technician to come to your home.


Automotive Keys

All types of automotive keys including smart keys, transponder, remote head, and fobik.

Auto Lockouts

We offer all types of car lockout services including trucks, vans, SUVs, 18 wheelers, and more!

Residential Locksmith Services

House lockouts, rekeys, lock changes, and or smart lock installation and/or replacement.  We have great residential locksmiths!

Local Watauga Locksmiths Vs Us

 Our business is, in many ways, superior to all of our competitors. At a base minimum, we are insured, licensed, and fully bonded. The employees that we have on staff have gone through extensive training. Overall, our business is always striving to be the best and part of that is offering prompt and courteous services. Although we may also have the latest equipment, you do need the knowledge to run them properly. All of our workers have been thoroughly vetted and trained to provide these much-needed services.

How To Contact Our Business

If you have a standard job that needs to be completed, a phone call to set an appointment will suffice. For those in emergency situations, after you contact us, we can dispatch someone right away. You can also send an email to us directly. They represented will get back with you quickly. Hiring a locksmith does require a lot of prior research. You will quickly see that our company is one of the best because of the services that we render.

Our business is always looking for new clients to assist. Whether you need automotive help, or if you are a business owner, you can benefit from our services. Most people that contact us are vehicle owners that need replacement keys for the car or truck that they drive. If you need assistance in rekeying your locks or replacing them, our workers will know exactly what to do. It is vitally important that you only work with a highly trained and confident locksmith. That’s why you should choose to work with our business that can help you 24 hours a day. To find out more about our business in Watauga.

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