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White Settlement Locksmith

We are a local locksmith in White Settlement, TX. There are many people in White Settlement who use their cars to drive to the office, drop their children at school, or pick up weekly groceries. Imagine if you use your car for such purposes, and suddenly one day you can’t find its key. You search your home, garage, and every other possible place, but it isn’t there. We know it’s frustrating. You have to go to the dealer, request a new key, and wait for a few days to receive it. In the meantime, you have to take the local transport.

With Car Key Duplication at your service, you don’t need to go to your car dealer. From key cutting to key replacement, we provide a bunch of auto locksmith services that can rescue you from emergency situations within the same day. In fact, thanks to our experienced locksmiths and latest tools, we can make replacement keys and cut new keys within an hour after reaching your location.

Locksmith In White Settlement, TX

We provide top-notch locksmith services in White Settlement, TX

Locksmith Services In White Settlement

Losing your car keys or damaging them accidentally calls for swift action. You may not want to wait for days before your car dealer provides a new key. Moreover, car dealers charge a lot when it comes to making new keys, irrespective of your situation. We don’t do that. Our pocket-friendly prices won’t make you want to look for another service provider.

Commercial Automotive & Residential Services

White Settlement locksmith duplicating transponder key

Key Cutting & FOB Programming

Key cutting is the first step to making a new set of car keys. Once you call us, we immediately send a locksmith with a key cutting machine and a few sets of keys that he can cut and make a new set. The locksmith will fit one of the keys into the vise of the machine that consists of a blank on its opposite side. He will move your original key inside the guide and move the wheel of the cutting machine to cut the duplicate key according to the shape of your original key.

Once he finishes cutting the duplicate key, he will remove the burrs using a metal brush. This ensures that the key doesn’t have any sharp ends. He will also test the new key in your car before handing it over to you.

Nissan key fob inventory in White Settlement

Key Replacement

Sometimes, your car key gets so old and rusty that it can break if you apply pressure. For example, if you insert the key in your ignition lock and turn it forcefully, it may break. Half the key remains inside the ignition lock and half in your hand. This is a common issue that we often come across in White Settlement as many residents have old trucks.

In such cases, our locksmith comes over and picks out the broken key first before replacing it. He joins it with the other broken half and takes the necessary measurements. Later, he uses the key cutting machine to make a brand-new key that fits smoothly in the ignition lock.

Key Fob hanging on wall inventory

24 Hour Mobile Locksmith In White Settlement

In addition to key cutting and key replacement, we also provide a few other additional auto locksmith services that we think would benefit the White Settlement residents.

Lock repair – If the lock of your car isn’t working properly, we can take a look and fix it. Sometimes, dust, grime, and rust don’t allow the keys to work smoothly. We have the experience to figure out the mechanism of car locks and repair them quickly.
Car lockouts – Losing car keys is one thing, but it’s irritating when you lock yourself out of the car. You accidentally keep the car keys inside the vehicle and lock it from the outside. We can come over and unlock your car. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your personal car or a truck carrying essential goods to a different state; we arrive at your location within the shortest possible time to unlock the vehicle.

Automotive Keys

All types of automotive keys including smart keys, transponder, remote head, and fobik.

Auto Lockouts

We offer all types of car lockout services including trucks, vans, SUVs, 18 wheelers, and more!

Residential Locksmith Services

House lockouts, rekeys, lock changes, and or smart lock installation and/or replacement.  We have great residential locksmiths!

5 Benefits Of Hiring A White Settlement Locksmith

1) You don’t have to wait forever for a White Settlment locksmith to show up because they are local, close, and can quickly get to you and help resolve the situation in a timely manner.  Also, you don’t have to try to fix it yourself and not only avoid frustrations and confusion you won’t put you, your family, or property at risk in teh event the lock isn’t truly secure.

2) Some jobs might be fairly easy and you can probably do them yourself, but without the knowledge of which products work and don’t.  You may end up fighting something that is a fairly easy fix you just have the wrong product.  Some deadbolt have hidden screws and other things that if done incorrectly can make the job a nightmare or even impossible.  It’s best to either take the advice of a professional or have a White Settlement locksmith perform the job for you.

3)  Rekeying locks is a breeze for an experienced locksmith.  For someone without a key machine it can be a daunting task.  You have to go down to Homedepot or the hardware store have them cut you a key and then return back to your home with the keys.  After that you have to open each lock and change the pins inside to match your new keys.  After gas, time, and tools to do the job correctly you will be paying more than just hiring a White Settlement locksmith to do it for you.

4)  Automotive key programming, depending on the type of vehicle you have will depend on if you should even attempt to program your own car keys.  If it’s GM, you probably can do the job yourself but not always!  It’s going to be easier for a locksmith in White Settlement to program your car keys for you as we have many programmers available that even make GM easier and faster to program car keys for.

5) Commercial locksmith service in White Settlement, this is one area you are better off hiring the professionals at Car Key Duplication.  This is because if you attempt to change, repair, or replace your locks yourself at your business then you are putting your business at risk.  But I have insurance?  Most insurance policies require a licensed & insured locksmith to have performed the job.  Otherwise they may deny your claim depending on your policy this is because if it was installed incorrectly then the burglary may have not occured.


White Settlement Locksmith

White Settlements Professional Locksmith

Licensed locksmiths – We only work with certified, licensed, and experienced locksmiths so that they can quickly come to your rescue instead of making you wait.
• Latest tools – Our latest tools are appropriate for handling different types of auto locksmith services, such as key cutting, key duplicating, key replacement, and emergency lockouts.
• Always punctual – We never waste time in reaching your location. Punctuality ensures that you can drive your car as soon as possible.
• Pocket-friendly price – Car Key Duplication doesn’t believe in making the most of your misery. We don’t charge a high service fee because we understand that you call us during an emergency. You can compare our prices with other service providers and their average turnaround time before contacting us.

Car Key Duplication has set the standard when it comes to providing auto locksmith services in White Settlement, TX. Our experienced and certified locksmiths and latest tools will come to your rescue as soon as you call us.

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