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Customers in the South Jordan UT area can benefit from an affordable, local locksmith. We have services for commercial, residential, and automotive keyways. You will find our variety of services will ensure we can help any of the South Jordan residents with any key or lock-related problem. We have locksmith companies across Utah with all the proper licensing and equipment to service any type of lock. Call us today for upfront pricing on any of our services, or come by our store to get in person assistance.

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Best Locksmith In South Jordan

If you’re looking for a small town atmosphere that’s close to the big city, look no further than South Jordan, Utah. This tiny city is nestled among the mountains of the state and offers easy access to the state’s famous ski resorts. It also offers a high-quality education, as the University of Utah and the Salt Lake State University are nearby.

After opening our locations in Utah, we had been servicing customers in the South Jordan area for years. Over this time, we have slowly collected all the tools and experience to make us fully qualified commercial, residential, and automotive locksmiths. We often find that our services can take a fraction as long as a regular joe trying to do the same job.

Excellent Lockout Response

If you find yourself locked out of your car or home, or maybe even your business, we can get you back in quickly! Don’t wait any longer in your drive-way, we can be over there and use our specialized tools to get you in without causing any damage to your locks or doors, at a low-low cost!


Largest Key Inventory

Our locksmith has the programming devices to replicate keys for any year, make or model. If you have a rare key however, we can nusually order it in and have it at our storefront in South Jordan in just a few days.

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car key duplication is now in South Jordan, Utah!

South Jordan Local Commercial & Residential Locksmith

If you are a business or homeowner in South Jordan needing services like re-keying, lockout assistance, lock replacement/repair, or anything else like that, we can help you. Our store carries a large variety of commercial keys and locks to ensure we can offer prompt, same-day service to our customers. We are always transparent about our low-cost services and products, so before any work is done you know exactly what it will cost when we are finished.

We Cut Car Keys

Whether you have keys you need to make an additional copy, or maybe you’ve lost all the keys, we can make you replacements in no time. 

Car Remote & FOB Programming Service

Most car keys have remotes or transponders that require specialized programming tools to get them to work properly with your vehicle. Some have on-board programming procedures that allow you to do this on your own, but if it requires a programmer, we can help!

Lock Repair

In rare cases, you might stick your key in the lock or ignition, only to find it won’t come back out! A lock that’s been tampered with, or has had foreign objects get stuck inside can be troublesome, and in some cases requires the lock to be replaced. Other times it can easily be removed or repaired with the right tools, hire us and don’t overpay!

trust us, we are confident to say we are the best!

Mobile Locksmith In South Jordan UT

Need your Key or Remote programmed in South Jordan? No problem, we provide mobile key and remote programming services to South Jordan. In fact, all though car key duplication is a nationwide website we are local to Utah and serve most of the state.

It has been our goal since launching our website to not only provide great deals on car keys but we understood that majority of vehicles require programming or key cutting. Car key duplication was founded by locksmiths with years of experience that wanted to change the way the industry standard was viewed. We took all of our experience and combined it all into a very easy process. Did I mention our prices are extremely competitive for the market? 

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trust us, we are confident to say we are the best!

24/7 Emergency Lockout Assistance In South Jordan

It’s a difficult situation when your keys aren’t working, or you have lost them and can no longer get in your car. This is very common and we can get you back in within minutes with our prompt lockout service. We offer this service to South Jordan, and throughout Utah County.

Don’t stay locked out, and don’t damage your door! Call a licensed, insured professional locksmith local to South Jordan and we can help!

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car key duplication is now in South Jordan, Utah!

Car Key Locksmith Services in South Jordan Utah

Don’t procrastinate getting a replacement or spare key made. It’s more affordable than you might think when you choose our expertly trained and experienced locksmith. If you’re unsure you can afford it, then give us a call and we can provide upfront prices on everything you’ll need to get you a working set of keys.

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Testimonies From Our Clients

“I was amazed at the quality of car key duplication. I don’t always clop, but when I do, it’s because of car key duplication. It’s just amazing. Car key duplication has completely surpassed our expectations.”

John Perkins


“I would gladly pay over 600 dollars for car key duplication. Car key duplication is worth much more than I paid. I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding product. This really helped us”

Joel Santana

Graphic Designer

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