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Where To Get Car Keys Made?

When you need a car key cut, programmed, or activated for your vehicle you probably have thought just “where to get car keys made is the best option?”  One of the first places you probably think of is the dealership.  While they most certainly can make car keys, program, and cut them.  They typically are one of the most expensive options as well.  Plus they are notorious for finding more things to charge you for, you generally wait a very long time even when you have an appointment.  Plus if you aren’t able to drive your vehicle due to not having a key then you must tow it to the dealership.

Hiring A Local Locksmith To Make A Car Key For You

While this is better than dealing with the dealership sometimes it too can be frustrating.  Including asking “Where to get my car keys made?” Because you still have to find a reliable, honest, licensed, and insured local locksmith.  Also, there are a lot of fake locksmiths running around quoting very low on the phone then when they perform the work then hand you an invoice that they demand you pay for 5-10 times more than what they quoted on the phone.  There are great locksmiths out there that are honest but they are hard to find which is why we are building out a national database of vetted, licensed, and insured locksmiths but it takes time to become vetted so we don’t have locksmiths everywhere as of yet.

Where To Get Car Keys Made?  Why Not Do It Yourself?

Yes, that’s right you probably are thinking right now, “I don’t have the equipment to cut or program keys”  this may be true.  However, with our cut by VIN service you don’t need any type of equipment just supply proof of ownership and the vehicle VIN and we will send you a key cut (non-programmed key).  What do I do to get it programmed?  Depending on your vehicle make, model, and year you might be able to program it yourself.

So our conclusion is to do your research, get their invoice in writing before they begin the work (If hiring a local locksmith to make a key for your).  Check their reputation out online and make sure they understand you will be leaving a review when the work is done even if they do great they are going to get a review from you.